Hoodoo Conjure

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Hoodoo Conjure Recipes and Formulas


Recipe #1 Florida Water

  • oil of bergamot 3 fluid ounces
  • oil of lavender 1 fluid ounce
  • oil of lemon 1 fluid ounce
  • oil of cloves 1 1/4 fluid drachms
  • oil of cinnamon 2 1/2 fluid drachms
  • oil of neroli 1/2 fluid drachms
  • essence of jasmine 6 fluid ounces
  • essence of musk 2 fluid ounces
  • alcohol 8 pints
  • rose water 1 pint

 Mix and, if cloudy, filter through magnesium carbonate. 

-- Recipe from "Fortunes in Formulas For Home, Farm, and Workshop"
edited by Garner D. Hiscox, M.E. and
Prof. T. O'Conner Sloane, A.B., A.M., Em., Ph.D.
(The Norman B. Henley Publishing Company, 1937)

Recipe #2 Florida Water.

Recipe from the Household Cyclopedia of 1881 (http://archive.org/details/Household_Cyclopedia), a formulary published in 1881   

Alcohol at 90°, 50 qts.; essence of lemon and Portugal, each 4 oz.; essence of lavender and clove, each 8 oz.; canella, 1/2 oz.; water, 20 qts.

You can use Florida Water to...

 cleanse your altar and candles

cleanse your house

use in personal cleansing

perform good luck and protection rituals