Hoodoo Conjure

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Hoodoo Conjure Recipes and Formulas
Hoodoo Divination Oil

The four true divinatory herbs are parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme. Luckily, they are easily available at your local grocery store. Mix equal parts of these 4 herbs into a carrier oil of your choice (however, olive oil would be the most Biblical).  Once made, this oil needs to be charged (prayed over or activated) or it will not work. To charge your oil, pray a clarity prayer over it.

Divination Prayer:

A Prayer for Clarity


May your words be like a lamp that lights my way.
May your love be like a compass that gives me direction.
May your truth be like a signpost bringing clarity.
May your peace be like a measure that guides my decisions.
May your hope be like a flag that declares I walk with you.
May your words be in my mind,
Your love guide my feet,
Your truth be a sign,
Your peace be a measure,
And your hope be a flag,
As I walk close to you at this time.