Hoodoo Conjure

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Hoodoo Conjure Recipes and Formulas

Black Salt is often used for ridding yourself and your surroundings of negative or dark energy. It creates boundaries against ill-wishers and enemies (it makes them feel like leaving) or it weakens them while they are in your area. It can be sprinkled in an enemy's home front or work space as a hexing/cursing/jinxing agent to curtail their power and to control them.

Black Salt can especially be useful against annoying co-workers.

Using black salt in spells, you can:
-- remove negative energy from your property
-- remove unwanted guests
-- prevent people from returning back to you
-- protect you from the influences of troublesome people

It can be used like sand painting to draw circles, sigils, or other magically significant symbols on the altar or workspace. If you keep it clean, black salt can be re-used for this purpose many times if you want, or you can incorporate it into your mojo bags, incense, etc.

Black Salt can be used in combination with Blue Salt to reverse bad luck and to end crossed conditions.

You can mix it with Green Salt for fast luck action.

You can mix it with Red Salt for reversing or turning a spell back on its sender.

Traditionally, Black Salt is made with salt and the scrapings off of metal pots and pans. Also, if you want, you can mix salt with charcoal, crushed black pepper, ash from your fireplace, or even better ash of protective herbs that you have previously burned in your cauldron. For every three parts of salt add one part of the material of your choice.