Hoodoo Conjure

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Hoodoo Conjure Recipes and Formulas


This is used when an individual is so badly bewitched that their life may be in danger. This bitter herb bath will remove very strong and powerful witchcraft. It is important for people to understand the significance of Spiritual Cleansing of one’s self. Just as we take a shower or a bath to clean our external bodies and periodically flush out our insides from toxins, we must also cleanse on a spiritual level to remove negative energies from our Aura and spiritual existence.

List of Bitter Herbs...http://herbs.lovetoknow.com/List_of_Bitter_Herbs

Bitter herb bath
Any combination of 3, 5, 7, or 9 bitter herbs boiled in several quarts of water make an excellent bath to destroy evil. At least three baths should be taken (on three consecutive nights). It is advisable to add some holy water to each bath every night after the herbal decoction has been boiled, strain and cooled. santeros recommend lighting a white candle in honor of the person's guardian angel after taking the bath. (source: http://destee.com/threads/santeria-herbs-and-orisha.60701/)

How do you wash with a bitter bath? When You take a bitter bath when you are removing negativity or cleansing yourself. When cleansing yourself with a bitter bath, you should bathe in a downward motion. Start from your neck, and work down toward the soles of your feet. In most cases, you do not place bitter baths over your head. Make sure you air dry rather than towel dry. Always light white candles when taking a cleansing bath.