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Hoodoo Novenas

Saint MarthaSaint Martha the Dominator Novena

The prayer that follows must be recited for nine consecutive Tuesdays, lighting a candle on each Tuesday.

This miraculous Saint has been known to grant anything, no matter how difficult it is, before the ninth Tuesday.

Saint Martha, 
I resort to your assistance and protection. 
As proof of my deep affection and strong faith, 
I offer you the light of this candle
which I shall burn every Tuesday. 

Comfort me in all my difficulties 
and through the great favors that you did enjoy
when the Savior was lodged in my house, 
please intercede for my family, 
so that we may be provided for in our neccessities. 
I ask of you,  O Saint Martha, 
to overcome all my difficulties 
as you did overcome the dragon 
which you had at your feet. 
In the name of the Father 
and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.


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