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More Nine Day Prayers (novenas)

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The Lord manifests Himself to those who always remember Him. No doubt God is the forgiving Father (remember the prodigal son in the Bible), but then He also waits for us to speak to Him - all the time. Christ's face will not leave you if your thoughts and your breath are of Him. He will be your good shepherd for all time.

Praying to Mother Mary, to the Saints, and Angels will aid us to enjoy other forms of prayers. We can also make our own prayers - the showcase of heaven is very large, our heart has to find other ways to express it in adoration of God. Aside from the small and big good services/work we offer others, prayers are food for us to share for the living and the dead.

Check out for these prayers:

1. Novena to the Guardian Angels
2. Novena to Saint Hannibal
3. Prayers to Saint John de La Salle
4. Prayers to Saint Expeditus
5. To Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage
6. To Saint Jose Maria Escriva

The novena to the guardian angels is almost like praying the rosary but with different bead counts.

St. Michael, pray for us.

St. Hannibal novena is for the propagation of holy priests and holy workers for the Lord. If you are a mother, a student, an engineer, a public servant, a helper... in any way you fulfill your work is service to God. Saint Hannibal is the Patron Saint of vocations and Holy workers. This is prayed with a litany to St. Hannibal.

Saint Hannibal, pray for us.
Send O Lord, Holy Apostles into Your Church!

I came into the novena of St. John Baptist de la Salle when I went to the His school. God, through St. John gives us the sustenance to learn. While I was there, I was praying to St. John for more than four years everyday.

St. John, pray for us.

Prayers to Saint Expeditus truly expedites situations. In the second or third day of the novena, your prayers come answered. See the power of prayer of a "pure heart" and in God's will.

The Novena to Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage is a prayer of surrender to Mama Mary. This novena prayers come very helpful for overseas workers and those who are far from their homes. Mama Mary guides everywhere we go if we seek her and pray to her. We become good apostles of Jesus Christ in any place we live and work.

St. Jose Maria Escriva prayers are for the sanctification of work for others. St. Jose Maria will generate the right work for you and the fruits of work if you work hard and love your vocation.

Do not expect special prayers to gain results at your bidding. The prayers become solemn if they are prayed earnestly in offering to God and others. Prayers of any kind is appreciated by God, and makes us pure in front of Him.

Rose Flores - Martinez
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