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ORUMILA is the Yoruba Orisha of divination. He has a unique place in the heirarchy of the Orishas, being the Orisha who was commissioned by Olofi or Olodumare to transmit the will of the Creator to mankind. Above you see one of the tools of Orumila, the Table of Ifa. When Orumila is consulted, He speaks through the Odduns that are marked on this "Table". The Odduns or "letters" of Ifa are determined by the awo or babalawo, the priest of Orumila. This is done by "beating" the Ikines or palm nuts that have been consecrated to Orumila. The "beating" of the ikines in the hands of the initiate reveals a pattern as the marks are systematically placed on the "Table" of Ifa. There are 256 different patterns, each with a different meaning, with different ebbos and other rituals that are performed later to resolve problems that are evidenced by the "letter". The awo or babalawo must study many years to have a basic understanding of so many different "letters".
the priest of ifaTHE PRIEST OF IFA
 The priest of Ifa does not always use the ikines to consult Ifa for those who seek the wisdom of Orumila. He may also use the divining chain or "opele". Both systems rely on a binary system for ascertaining the "letters" of Ifa. So in reality, Olodumare, in His wisdom, gave to the world, through the Oracle of Ifa and Orumila, the first computer. Needless to say, it is not as fast as our modern-day computers, and has to be done by hand, but the fact that its methodology is based on a binary system makes its operating principle the same as our computers. A complete explanation of the workings of the Oracle of Ifa would be impossible as well as inappropriate. This knowledge is reserved for initiates. Our wish is to enlighten those with no knowledge so that they may come to value the Wisdom of Ifa and Orumila. There is a saying in Ifa that sooner or later, everyone comes to the feet of Orumila for divination.
source http://www.oocities.org/ifatola/

In Ifa, a divination tray is used called The Table of Ifa

the table of ifa