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You Are the Caretaker of Your Ancestors Legacy

By Anthony K Wilson Sr | Submitted On April 27, 2010

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When you think of your ancestors, what are the first things that come to mind? Your first thoughts of your ancestors may be a country they immigrated from, a talent someone had which your relatives continue to share stories about, or even a particular family trait such as the hair color which you inherited or a unique birth mark. While all of these are important, there is much more to your ancestors' legacy.

The most significant part of their legacy is the many contributions which they made for you and to you. Their hard work, their commitment to their families, and the special accomplishments that they made, are all parts of the legacy which they provided for you. Whatever they did in their lives, and whatever role they played, was a contribution to you, to your life today, and to your future.

As your ancestors' legacy is passed down from generation to generation, it is also time to consider your own role. Whatever success you earn in your lifetime, it will have a much greater effect than on you yourself. While your success is a point of pride and enjoyment for yourself, it will also be a spectacular example for the generations that follow you. Equally important, the success you earn through your own hard work and determination is an excellent way to honor your ancestors.

Think of how much pride your parents feel when you do well. While each of your accomplishments brings nice benefits to you, it also gives them a sense of pride. After all, they were the people who helped to shape your character, and helped you to learn the positive ways to succeed.

Even though your ancestors from generations in the past are not present in your life today, each of your successes validates them. Each of your ancestors whom you have never known played an important role in the person that you are today. Everything from their unique personality traits to their lifestyles has had an effect on you. You can be thankful for the person you are, because you are the result of their contributions.

When you truly feel and display this attitude of gratitude, you will be acknowledging all that your ancestors did for you. While you can be proud of each of your accomplishments, you know that you did not attain them all by yourself. The legacy of hard work, determination, and the drive to succeed was a daily part of your ancestors' lives. As it was passed down through the generations, it was also given to you. It has given you the strength and desire to reach for your highest goals, and attain them by applying yourself effectively and honestly in each situation you encounter.

You may not have known any of your ancestors personally. You may only know of them from old pictures, or tales told by the older people in your family. The connection which you feel to them may be very strong, or a little uncertain.

Either way, when you think about the contributions which they have paved for you, helping them to live on through your successes is an honor and a sense of pride which you will not want to miss.

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