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Spirit Guides - How to Work With Them to Improve Your Life

By Alison Yates | Submitted On January 27, 2009

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Meditation and Insight for Contacting Spirit Guides
Connecting through Meditation

It is well accepted that the best way to develop and seek out a connection with your Spirit Guides is through quiet meditation.

It is important to be determined and persistent, and not be put off by disappointments or apparent difficulties. When trying to connect to your personal spirit guides through meditation, your logical mind will try to take over and make you think that the reality of your connection, is mere imagination.

As you develop your relationship and communication with your Guides, trust is very important. Some messages and answers may come to you that seem strange or irrelevant. Nevertheless, try to trust the messages you receive.

Meditation techniques enable us to shift our focus and attention away from the physical, material world and into the inner spiritual world within us. The best way to increase awareness, communication and contact with our Spirit Guides is to create with your imagination a special place where you can meet them safely.

Spend some time everyday in quiet meditation. When your mind is still and empty, and you are relaxed, create in your imagination a well-worn path in some leafy wood. A place of peace warmth and safety. Visualise it carefully and see every detail, let every one of your senses experience it: sight, smell, and woodland sounds. Taste the fresh flower scented breeze.

Working with your personal Spirit Guides

Once you have established this well trod meeting place, communication, connectivity and enlightenment will come easier and easier with time and practice. Your Guide will come to you.

Don't be afraid to ask questions of your Guide. But don't worry if it's an answer you didn't expect, or there is no answer at all. Answers often come when you least expect them.

It is not unusual to be offered a gift by your Spirit Guide. But don't be disappointed if you don't. Accept any gift with thanks. Picture it in your palm. It is most likely to be a crystal, or possibly a white feather, but could be anything. This object is personal to you and will probably have a symbolic meaning. You should contemplate the meaning of this gift in your next meditation.

Developing a relationship with your personal spirit guides will open up almost unlimited opportunities for you. Through this connection, you will learn your true nature and your true purpose on this Earth. Through their loving guidance, you will realise that you are never alone, and everyone you have ever known in your life, and in your past lives, are still with you and that life is eternal.

Your Guides will teach and inspire you, and make you aware that you can reach the stars in terms of your creativity and awareness. With the love and guidance they provide, you will be free to be who you truly are.

Your personal Spirit Guides will help you to achieve, through providing you with information and insight into situations and decisions you need to make. They will help and protect you, just as a close loving friend would. But they are limited in what they can do. You must raise awareness and trust to open up and get the fullest benefit from their influence.

Help your relationship develop and become more solid by making sure you keep physically and mentally healthy. Take every opportunity to help others too - this is the best exercise for mental and spiritual health!

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