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Angel Wishes and Candle Magic

copyright 2010 Lillie Ruby

Candle magic has been used for centuries in homes and churches alike. It is a powerful force and can be effectively utilized when making requests of your angels, guides or deity. In many churches, continuous candle burning is commonplace and used to petition Angels and Saints.

Seven day vigil candles are frequently used for magic and religious purposes. They are easily found in discount stores, even many grocery stores. Usually found in tall glass containers, these candles can be clear or decorated with pictures of Angels and Saints. Seven day candles are used when energy should be concentrated and sustained. These candles are usually lit with intention and allowed to burn freely until nothing is left. The glass containers with the picture of the particular angel you are petitioning can be very effective. However, in this case, you will be using a candle that is not housed in a glass container.

First find a suitable candle. Using a candle in the color appropriate for the Angel or Archangel from whom you are requesting help will add additional power. Next obtain crystal headed pins in seven different colors: white, black, yellow, orange, red, blue and green. Regular color pins will work, but the crystal heads will add something special to your angelic work. You may need to obtain them from a fabric store or florist, if your local stores don't carry crystal headed pins.

Take out your candle and using normal precautionary steps, use the pins with your candle in the following manner. Divide the candle into seven equal parts by inserting six of the pins into it in intervals. The seventh pin should be inserted at either the top or bottom. If you wish to insert them according to the chakra colors that is fine. Make sure the pins are fully inserted into the candle.

The next step requires a piece of paper and a pen. If you want to add extra power to your intention, don't just grab a piece of computer paper. Use beautiful stationery, or even make your own paper. It is best to use a large piece of paper. With a quality pen or quill and ink, write down seven wishes. Take the time to think out your wishes and make them very clear. Wishing for a new car, could lead to an accident and needing to replace your car. Wishing for a relationship might bring an ogre to your door. Instead of wishing for a new job, wish for one that will utilize your artistic skills, etc. Keep in mind the old saying be careful what you wish for.

Now, fold the paper at a ninety degree angle and write your name over your wishes. Fold the paper again and write your name. Continue until you have folded the paper seven times. You will end up with a triangle of paper.

For the next step, anoint the candle being careful not to dislodge any of the crystal pins. Place the folded paper under the candle. Burn the candle on seven consecutive nights. Each time you light the candle pay attention to any revelations or angelic signs you may receive.

Each time a pin falls, pinch out the flame, saving the pin. Do not blow out the flame as it scatters the energy of the candle, the wishes and the intention. When all of the pins have fallen, insert them into the paper in the following manner. The white-headed pin should be inserted at the top of the triangle pointing downward. The black pin from the bottom toward the top point of the triangle. The orange pin should be inserted from the left side, the yellow from the right side. The green pin should be placed between the orange and black pins with the tip at a 45 degree angle. The blue pin should be the opposite of the green pin. Finally insert the red pin into the middle of the folded piece of paper.

Some older traditions recommend that the final step be burying the paper, pins and wax under your doorstep. In the modern world, people seldom have doorsteps that have space under them that can be used for burying. Another way to finalize your wishes would be to burn the paper and blow the ashes into the air, carrying it to the angels one last time.

Be alert and pay attention to any signs, messages or even miraculous happenings that your angel provides. By petitioning your angel, your wishes can come true.

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