Hoodoo Conjure  

Angel Summoning Spell

This article was contributed by Harleen Rose
Method 1:
Angelite crystals summon angels as well as other benificial spirits.
Place an Angelite crystal under your pillow or sleep with it over your chest.
Pay attention to your dreams, it is the canvas for many invitations

Method 2:
Many angels love the scent of myrtle, the key ingredient in Angel water (recipe below) Fill pans and bowls with Angel Water and strategically place them on the altar. Accompany this by verbally requesting the angel's presence.

Angel water:
Orange Blossoms

Boil water and make a strong infusion. Strain and use.

Method 3:
Burn Benzoin. Benzoin incense not only summons angels but induces them to linger. It has the added benefit of repelling malevolent spirits.

Blessed be,
Harlee Rose