Hoodoo Conjure

Working with Ancestors & the Dead

Ancestor Summoning Spell


In conjure, you can contact the spirits of your ancestors and use their great wisdom to bolster your own knowledge.  There are three kinds of ancestors:

Ancestors of spirit are all those who inspire you, whose work you carry on in the world, who built the tools and traditions you use in your life.

Ancestors of place include all the people who once lived in the area you reside....these would be the local spirits and local ancestors.

Ancestors of blood are the people you’re physically descended from. You may never have met them, but they take an interest in you.

An important feature of working with your ancestors is to set up an ancestor altar.

for more information about working with your ancestors and the dead, watch this video  Hoodoo Spells 101: Working with Ancestors & the Dead

by Taliesin McKnight


Ancestor Work Spell Items.... 

  • incense burner (stick and cone incense will work here, I first made this ritual using those, but you must have a way to burn the offering)
  • a picture of your ancestor or the dead person you are trying to communicate with
  • Purification or protection Incense (Frankincense or Sandalwood)
  • a small offering of food and/or alcohol, something the ancestor liked in real life
  • 6 white Candles
  • Herbs for Ancestor Work
  • Optional (if needed) some form of divination like tarot or poker cards, a spirit board, a scrying bowl, or a pendulum.
  • These herbs will either help you connect with or work with your ancestors.   There is power in lineage and these herbs will help you access that!

    rosemary, holly leaves, mullein, wormwood

    Mix these herbs together and sprinkle on top of your candles.

    This ritual  can be performed at any time, on any day. Just make sure you have plenty of time to devote to the working.

    Arrange the candles into a circle around the incense burner (or incense) and light the candles and start burning the incense

    Hold up the picture of your ancestor or the dead person you wish to summon and visualize a light at its end as you say in a firm tone

    "Ancestor of Blood and Spirit, come to this light. Come to guide and aid me in this time and place, for I seek you wisdom and knowledge, please lend me your aid and grant me an audience oh wise ones"

    You should start to feel their presence in short order, though you can never tell how many or which of your ancestors will come, some may not even be related to you by blood and some may only have spiritual ties. You may speak with them and receive communications from them in return, by whatever gift you have --- clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairaudience...Or you may wish to use divination, a pendulum, a scrying bowl or a spirit board.

    When closing the ritual don't forget to burn the offering and be careful to thank all that came and bid that they fare well until next time

    Extinguish the candles one by one and envision that the spirits are leaving with the candle smoke


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