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Which Free Witchcraft Spells to Choose and How to Make Them Work Black Woman Hoodoo Practitioner Root Woman
By Francesca Ashcroft | Submitted On May 05, 2009
Expert Author Francesca Ashcroft

Free witchcraft spells are everywhere so it can be a bit confusing knowing which ones to pick and, very importantly, what to do with them afterwards! So I thought I'd put together a general guide to free witchcraft spells to give you an idea of what to expect and what you should do with the spell when you've made your choice.

1) Firstly, you need to be very clear on what you are looking for and the purpose you need it for. More advanced witches get most of their power and success from writing their own spells and much of this comes from the individuality of the spell. So make sure you spend the extra bit of time to get the free witchcraft spell that really suits your needs. You'll reap the benefits in the long run.

2) Talking of individuality, it is possible to adapt spells if you find that you want something a bit more complex or specific than what is on offer. Do not expect immediate success with this if you try it and very importantly, keep it simple to avoid overstretching yourself. You do not want to go playing with powers that you do not yet understand. But to add a touch of your own essence to the mix, you can take the basic free witchcraft spell and add in a statement of intent. This is a pre-prepared written statement by yourself including what you want to achieve, the ways in which your hoping to achieve it and to state the specifics of the outcome. So an example is - you want to find love, you are hoping to find it while doing a creative writing course and you would like to be in a relationship come next Valentine's Day! Something to this effect.

3) Go for a free witchcraft spell that speaks to you. If something jumps out the page or you feel a sense of excitement around it then this is clearly the one for you. Do not ignore your instincts as they will be central to your success and one of the biggest parts of you at work when performing your free witchcraft spell - more powerful than the words or ingredients themselves.

4) Don't be drawn in by claims of instant success. Spell work is just that - work. It can take time and effort to become accomplished in the art of magic making so - if at first you don't succeed, try, try again! You will begin to recognise the sensations of when you are working well and making a difference so don't give up too easily.

5) Don't try anything that will bring about a negative outcome. The Wiccan threefold law comes into affect here, which is that anything you put out there into the universe comes back to you 3 times as powerful. Great when you are doing something good or virtuous but think through the consequences of trying to cause harm to others.

6) Observe the time of season or moon cycle that is recommended in your chosen free witchcraft spell. This is often ignored by people and considered to be of little importance, or they are simply too impatient and want to see results immediately. However, our responses to the moon cycles in particular are ancient and inherent and cannot be dismissed easily. If it states that you need a full moon in order to perform the spell, then you will need to tune in to this power and embrace the cleansing opportunity of new beginnings.

7) Set yourself up a quiet space in order to perform your free witchcraft spell work. Prepare your ingredients and arrange them in advance so that you don't break the flow of energy that you will need to create by fumbling around trying to find what you need. Arrange your candle, write the spell out on paper, put any ingredients and herbs in order that you need them. You will appreciate the forethought later!

8) Prepare yourself before hand. Don't try to make the spell work when you are stressed or grabbing 15 minutes before you rush out again. It should be dedicated time so take a relaxing bath, meditate or do something that will clear your mind.

9) Enjoy what you're doing. It should be liberating and fulfilling; a part of your spiritual journey. As these feelings and emotions are positive, they will increase your ability to channel your innate powers so will add to the success of your free witchcraft spell.

I hope you have found these tips useful. For some

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