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By Marissa Valentin | Submitted On February 09, 2010

Similar to other forms of psychic readings, tarot card readings have become increasingly popular and much more accessible with the technology of the Internet. Many psychic websites offer tarot reader specialists, but some websites are exclusively dedicated to the art and skills of tarot card readings.

Methods of Online Tarot Card Readings

Tarot card readings can be done via phone, live chat, video chat and even email. Since tarot readings tend to focus on shorter-term seasons or decisions, many dedicated tarot websites have regular clients utilize the tarot readers' services at consistent intervals, such as every four to five months. Like other online psychic readings, many tarot reading sites offer a free initial reading before setting up paid readings for registered clients.
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Basic Card Meanings

The 78 cards are typically divided into two sections. The first section, or Major Arcana, of 22 takes larger themed "story" cards through an arc from number 0, the Fool, through number 21, the World. The arc of this journey is believed to represent a person's path from ignorance to enlightenment, or from a youthful awareness to a more mature fulfillment. The other cards of the Major Arcana highlight characteristics or experiences a person must learn along life's journey to accomplish this maturing process, such as strength (11), justice (8), love, and death.

The other section is the Minor Arcana of the remaining 56 cards. This segment of cards addresses the daily, common or mundane aspects of life that contribute to a tarot card reading. Each card has its interpretation, such as the High Priestess card, which typically involves some kind of secrets or intuition being revealed or kept hidden. Depending on the placement of the card, either the positive or negative meanings will come out in the interpretation.

Cautions About Online Tarot Card Readings

Tarot card readings are different than astrological chart readings or other forms of psychic readings. In addition to using the 78 cards of the tarot deck to focus the reading, tarot cards tend to focus on short-term situations. They are also more effective for clarity, internal understanding and sorting out the emotions (hidden or open) of a particularly confusing situation in the past or present. Tarot readings do address the future as well, often in the forms of decisions to be made, or the emotional or psychic state of a person that is influencing a decision to be made.

Alison Day is one tarot reader online at Lotus Tarot who encourages people to use tarot readings to understand the inner workings of their emotions and thoughts. One of the recommendations she makes is a kind of caution to inquirers. When someone seeks a tarot reading, she must be aware it won't give a specific future date and time, like "next Thursday at five p.m. the man standing behind you at the grocery store will become your new lover." If a person expects this kind of future telling, tarot card readings are not the place to find it.

In general, however, many inquirers find online tarot card readings are just focused enough to help process an aspect of their current journey in life. Tarot card readings are a creative way to do a psychic reading with the particular tools of Tarot cards.

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