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How to Break Any Witchcraft Spell - How to Reverse a HexBlack Woman Hoodoo Practitioner Root Woman

Rose Ariadne/ Jun 11, 2008

There are many ways by which we can reverse or invalidate the effect of our spells or the spells that others cast on us. There are many ways to break a
witchcraft spell:

Hex breakers
are meant to neutralize the hex by breaking the evil portion of the spells.

Uncrossing spells
simply remove the hex in any in the spell. If there was no wicked intentions, then the spell will have no effect.

Antidote spells
neutralize the effects of the spell. It does not further do any harm to the person who cast the spell.

Reversing Spells
not only break the evil intentions of the spell but sends the effects back to the source of the spell.

Reversing spells
are usually not recommended because the person who worked the original spell (with or without a hex) may also repeat the spell if s/he
suspects that it is not working. So hex breakers, antidote spell or uncrossing spells are recommended to stop the vicious cycle. Reversing spells also may
incur karmic debt since you are intentionally hurting someone.

Here are some hex removal spells:

Arrowroot spell
1 cup of arrowroot powder
Essential oils of peppermint, wintergreen and chamomile
Stir a few TINY drops of the above oil into the arrowroot powder. Stir to blend.
When the powder is mixed in with the protective oils, sprinkle it all over your
home or wherever negative energy from the hex resides.

Ash Hex-Breaker

Collect a basket full of leaves that have fallen from an Ash tree. While stirring the leaves in the basket with both your hands, speak about your fears
and what you would like to happen to get rid of them. Now scatter the leaves in all directions.

Curse Removal powder
Gather the following:
1 Tbsp sandalwood powder
1 Tbsp frankincense
1 Tbsp myrrh
1 cup crushed pine needles
Grind and powder the above. After a nice, cleansing bath, light charcoal and
burn the above powder. Meditate on the removal and resulting peace of mind until
the entire powder is charred.
Take the remains and scatter them in the wind.

Salt and Dragon's blood bath
Add Dragon's blood powder to jojoba oil. To create an essential oil of dragon's blood. Mix this with half a cup of salt and bathe in this water.
Repeat until curse is removed.

Evil GO BACK ritual

On a day when the moon is FULL, offer a cup of milk or honey to the Goddess and pour out your heart's worries and fears. Chant
Evil magic, draw back!
Evil magic can't come near
This is my will, so mote it be.
Uncrossing Ritual

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