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by Talia Felix | Sep 10, 2009

Working as a fortune teller and magic spell caster on my website, The Lucky Temple, I get a lot of requests for spells to reuinite a couple who have broken up. However, many people don't seem to realize what they are getting into; this is sensible, as many people turn to magic for the first time in these kinds of cases. Let's begin first by covering what to expect from a good, honest spellcaster

A genuine spellcaster will never guarantee results. Magic just doesn't work that way. Even doctors don't guarantee that medicines or surgeries will work the way you want; there are too many things that can go wrong. Similarly, magic spells are vulnerable to outside influences and even a promising spellcast can be readily spoiled by both internal and external factors.

A genuine caster won't pester you to buy so-called "stronger" spells after concluding your original casting. Only rarely might a genuine magic spellcaster ever tell you that you need to get more spellwork done after completing your magic spell; and in such a case, they won't be pushy about it ask for exhorbitant amounts of money. They will generally just state the problem, and leave it entirely up to you as to whether you want to continue with more spellwork or with their services.

Anyone who asks for large amounts of money but promises to give it back if the spell doesn't work is a fraud; if a spell is really worth a large sum it either requires lots of hard work or very expensive ingredients, neither of which is a person likely to refund if they really are doing what they claim. Most people who pull this just take your money and run. A real spellcaster asks for what money they need because it is indeed what they need; their expenses and efforts don't just vanish if the spell doesn't come out.

So many of my clients and friends come complaining that they went to other, fradulent spellcasters before who did the above tricks. Your best bet is to think of spellcasting the way you'd think of medical treatment: a doctor is not necessarily a fraud just because his treatment doesn't produce the desired results, however, he may well be a fraud if he makes promises he has no business making. If he has an experimental treatment he thinks may help, that's what he'll say: not "I guarantee this new treatment will cure you completely!"

Knowledge is power, and knowing what is reasonable to expect from a spellcast can be the first step toward identifying a good caster. Because there are some differences between magical belief systems (for example, some casters believe in karma and will warn against or even refuse some types of spells; other traditions don't believe in this, and their casters are willing to consider any kind of work you ask for) there can be a bit of variation, but some good general rules are:

You still need to do practical work to achieve your goal -- you cannot act in a completely contradictory way and still expect success.

Your expectations need to be realistic. Magic can work miracles, but that doesn't mean you should count on them occurring. If something is absolutely impossible then magic will not change that.

Be aware of the reality of your situation. This is both for your benefit and for any caster you hire. You may have to acknowledge faults in your self for this to occur, or face some painful truths, but this is important toward knowing the way to effectively help yourself.

Now, to the big question. Is a spell right for you? The first thing to consider are the three points above. Really contemplate them as they relate to a reconciliation spell.

The first point is you need to make an effort. Are you really willing to do this? In the case of a reconciliation it might mean making sacrifices in your lifestyle, compromising on important points, or making other major changes to your behavior or manner of living. You also need to be persistant, steadfast, and devoted. Really think this over: so many people, in the heat of emotion, swear "Yes, I will do anything to win him back!" yet, when faced with the actuality of it, can't pull through. They become aggravated that the other person isn't treating them well enough, or complain they simply can't do this-or-that because of some reason. In consequence, things either don't progress at all or else find a quick burst of improvement that fades out quickly once the person decides they don't want to work anymore. If you want to spend a lifetime with this person, you can look forward to a lifetime of work. It's not a one-time deal; unless you permanently correct whatever drove them from you to start, they won't permanently stay.

The next point was to have realistic expectations. I think this actually is the cause of some of the failures relating to the first point: people expect too much from the spell, believing it'll solve everything overnight, or that it will turn the target into some idealized version of his or herself. You can't turn a sow's ear into a silk purse; and you can't turn the target into someone they are not (and really, why would you want to?) If you are going to be disappointed when your sullen, melancholic boyfriend comes back to you sullen and melancholic, don't get a return lover spell. If you are going to be upset by having to spend weeks or even months cultivating the relationship to bring it back to its former glory, don't get a return lover spell. The spell itself is not a cure-all; you need to do your part.

Finally, be realistic about the situation. So often I get clients insisting "She only left me because of her family members" or "He only left because of his friends." Nobody only leaves because of that; if they chose their friends over you, there is a reason they liked them better. Even worse are the people who insist that someone must have placed a "breakup curse" on them -- I've dealt with many of these types and not one had any good evidence for someone putting a curse on them, beyond that they simply broke up -- which happens to people all the time, curse free. Examine your life together; don't be afraid to admit unflattering truths. Did she really leave because her parents have an inexplicable grudge against you and somehow manipulated and forced her to abide their wishes, or did she leave because her parents provide a more loving and secure environment than you do? Do you really have reason to think an enemy who practices black magic decided to ruin your relationship and put a spell on you, or could it be that your romance fizzled out on its own because of lack of progression, stress, or some other factor? Are you really as nice and charming as you imagine yourself? Is she really and kind and devoted as you imagined her?

If you have carefully considered all these points, determined realistically what the problem is and understand that you may still have a lot of work ahead of you, congratulations. You are now ready to make magic.

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