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by FredDunford | Oct 15, 2010

With witchcraft, magic and spell casting becoming ever more popular these days, the Internet is filling up with information on spell work and detailed instructions. But with so many free spells available for you to use, it can get really confusing how to pick the ones which will work the best for you, and to put them to action.

To help you overcome that limitation, I've picked this easy spell to start with which brings you towards one of the most worthy goals - happiness.
Wicca and witchcraft practitioners who have been into this for a longer period of time will have developed strong skills and usually perform elaborate rituals. If you're still starting out or don't have the time or resources, then it makes sense to start with a simpler spell - these are quite useful. There is no reason to think otherwise.
So without further ado, here is the spell which will bring you great happiness and contentment if you wish. Get hold of three cords, colored blue, purple, and black. They should be made of not very thick string. Hold images of happiness in the forefront of your mind and at the same time, braid the three cords together tightly. And then, tie a knot to the end of this braided cord.
Keep holding thoughts of happiness in your mind. As you do this, tie six more knots into your cord. Remember to intensely hold positive images in your mind. Take this cord wherever you go, and happiness will enter your life more and more.

When you have reached abundant happiness, place the cord somewhere safe. Or if you wish, offer it to one of the elements and burn it. The ashes must be scattered in a river or stream.

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