Black Woman Hoodoo Practitioner Root WomanWhy do some spells seem to work and some don't?

Question: Why do some spells seem to work and some don't, for whatever reason? Please, if you are so inclined, tell me your examples and theories about why a spell might work or not work in your experience. Like you did a perfectly good spell and it just backfired or fizzled; or you realized later that the spell itself was flawed.

1. KT.

I did a breakup spell that didn't work. Bought the break up oil and man/woman candle. It burned down pretty fast. Bought another man/woman candle. His burned down in like a day. Her's held on awhile longer. The only reason I can think that it didnt work is because the guy uses imagination ( see Neville Goddard) and I guess its more powerful than spells. I did a water bottle too. It had oil, cat/dog hairs, peppers, etc. I did 2 actually while I waited for the oil and candle. I eventually just let it go

2. GS

I've had goods and bads with St. Expedite. I don't really blame him; I think that when you're doing workings with any of the Saints, you really have to be patient, and give realistic time frames. St. Expedite is one who, depending on what you're asking, can be fickle, but I think that your focus has to be good and your energy has to be in the right place. Also, and here's a tip, if you're doing a working for someone else, make sure THEY'RE into that thought process as well. I did a working to help out someone, as I felt bad for them and their job situation and I asked St. Expedite for help. At the time, I was using charcoal to burn incense I thought he'd like to help this person. Well, one thing; the person was Athiest and didn't believe in what I was doing. I did, but I think that St. Expedite's energy might have been...offended? During the working, the charcoal popped, and a piece flew out and landed in a pile of clothing, setting it ON FIRE. After putting it out, I decided to be more selective.

3. KW

I once did a small ritual asking the spirits to ease up a coming snow storm for a bit of personal gain. This was back right before Thanksgiving.

My verbatim was, "if this relationship is meant to be then please ease the snow storm so I can spend time with my boyfriend because I feel he is the one who will make me happy"

Now, because of my word usage the storm was as bad as it was suppose to be, if not worse, and the guy who I was with broke it off with me on Wednesday after I found out he lied so much to me and was dating others guys beside me as well as being married to a girl.

Clearly, it was a warning?

I don't look at a spell backfiring as a backfire. My intention and affirmation was clear.

Magic doesn't lie, it's pretty cut and dry. Sure, spirits can be a little tricksters. Its a lesson.

4. BG

What I've learned in my years is that 1. The outcome can depend on so many different factors; A: Your talent for the type of work that you're doing, not everyone is good at every type of work. B: What the path of least resistance is to the working you're doing. We all know, or have been, those folks that want to reconcile with someone we dated 6 years ago, that's since been happily married with children, lol! C: Whether or not Spirit wants to answer your prayer in that way. In the end all workings are prayers & whoever answers is going to answer with the right answer, regardless of our mortal opinions & wants.

5. JW

Many of the ancient texts talk about the positioning of the celestial bodys in the heavens associated with a ceremony; you know what people are always saying timing is everything. I also believe that strong emotions add energy to a paranormal event like a casting by charging the aura with orgone or something like that.

6.  CG

I learned that putting your opponents lawyer on ice, will only stall the case, NOT AT ALL what I wanted. I had put my exes lawyer on ice with poppy seeds to confuse him. Oh he got confused but the divorce stalled. So i switched him to poppy seeds and confusion oil only and took him out of ice. Worked like a charm. So now I change things up when working legal issues, and things fall into place much better. For example, my latest divorce work for a friend whose ex had a hot shot lawyer. I put his lawyer and law office in vinegar jar with alum and poppy seeds and put her ex in sugar to get him docile. What happened was that his expensive lawyer didn't lift a finger for him, and the ex signed her initial divorce proposal. Worked like a charm. I've learned from trial and error.

7. CM

What i have been taught, especIally in regard to a good spell that doesn't work. ..think of it like a percription. Some work on people, and depending on your body type, or make up you may require something stronger or that type of medication maynot work at all for you. Same with a spell. If your spirit, karma, or spirits that you work with don't mesh with a certain spell another spell or a work around might be necessary.

8. TOD

Saint Expedite is picky who he will work for and find it intriguing why he is like that.

9. SG

I think that there are many reasons why spells work/don't work. One example of a non-working spell doesn't even have to do with the power of the spell, but whether the receiver accepts the action of the spell. You can do a spell for prosperity, and prosperity can knock on your door, but if you don't then answer the door, then it will move on. You can't usually do a spell and then sit on your butt and wait for it to happen. The other big reason that many spells don't work is because the target wasn't approached correctly. Life is full of variables and unknowns, and often the spell is done hastily or without taking into account certain variables in the situation.

10. TLB

Spells work when I have laser focus on the outcome without doubts, reservation or resistance.
They don't work when my energy or focus is off, or I am harboring secret fears, doubts or resistance about the intention of the spell.
Spell work for me requires vigorous self honesty and assessment. And focused will and clear intention.