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5 Ways to Determine If You've Found Your Soulmate

By Elena V. Krasnova | Submitted On April 21, 2010

Early on in a relationship it is often very hard to determine if you've met your ideal match and if the person you are dating is actually your soulmate. However, there are certain signs that let you know almost right away whether the one you are dating is your perfect partner.

1) You are fully comfortable and relaxed with this person, as if you've known him/her for a long time.
Soulmates often have a "feeling like they already knew each other" before they even met. According to esoteric studies of soulmates, they actually have met before, in their past lives. Whether this is true and whether you believe it or not doesn't really matter. The fact is that soulmates have a fundamental energy bond that they both feel from the very beginning. They can't explain it, but it feels like they've known each other longer than they actually had. They feel at ease with each other, like they could say or do anything they could with an old friend. The comfort level is extremely high between soulmates.

2) You are not playing "the dating game".
Soulmates don't wait 3 days before calling after a first date. Soulmates don't "play hard to get" or pretend they care less about their partner than they actually do, even in the very beginning of the relationship. Soulmates aren't afraid to "look desperate" in front of each other by making a move, and they certainly aren't reserved about how they feel about each other (whether they verbalize it or not). Soulmates' main desire is to just BE with each other, and they are not concerned with what everyone else thinks, and much less how they should act at a certain point in the relationship. They just do what feels right.

3) You feel a deep connection with this person from the very beginning.
As I mentioned in the first sign, soulmates have a fundamental bond on the energy level, and it is usually evident to both parties very early on in the relationship. This can be described as a feeling that this person is almost a part of you in some way (not to be confused with infatuation, where you feel like you NEED the person to continue living, so to speak). You feel like this person adds profoundly to the quality of your life and you want to share important moments with him/her, as soulmates always share everything.

4) Your most important life values are a match.
Soulmates almost always agree on important things in life. It means that they share different values, from spiritual to materialistic, and they agree on many things from where they want to live to how they spend their free time. They don't necessarily have to have all the same interests, but they certainly share the most significant ones. What this means varies from couple to couple. For example, my partner and I like very different music, but to us it's a very trivial difference, because music is not an extremely important part of our lives. However, for another couple, music can be very important, and if they are soulmates, chances are they will agree on the kind of music they like.

5) When you make love, it is deeply sensual, as well as extremely passionate and satisfying.
The physical expression of love between soulmates is just as powerful as their emotional and spiritual bond. When soulmates come together physically, it is more than just a sexual act. It is their deep spiritual connection materializing into tangible form. That's why the intensity and passion level between soulmates is usually much higher than that of regular couples. The deep connection that you feel in point #3 from within will also undoubtedly be expressed from without in a soulmate relationship.

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