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Get Your Boyfriend Back Now! (3 Easy to Follow Instructions)

By Bill A Hamilton | Submitted On January 31, 2013

Getting your boyfriend back is not a simple task. If you think I will tell you, like others, that some quick tips can help you within a day, then I am sorry. This is not the case. In my this article I will solely focus on those solid instructions that take time but create a massive impact.

My instructions won't only help you to get your boyfriend back, but also heat up the feelings of love in his heart for you.

So, let's begin...

Damage Has Been Done

The damage has been done. It would be utterly foolish to keep on concentrating, or discussing, on the damage. This will only enhance the feelings of anger and invite the disappointment.

The biggest mistake which most of the girls commit while trying to get their boyfriend back is, they entirely focus on the problematic issues. Whenever they get a chance to talk with their boyfriends, they discuss only those problematic issues that broke their relationship.

Consequently, this situation keeps on increasing the level of the fight, and they lose their boyfriends forever.

Damage can be fixed. But, it shouldn't be fixed when your boyfriend is overwhelmed by negativity. First, you need to water down the negative feelings of your boyfriend and fill him up with positive feelings.

His Positive feelings about you, and the issues, will automatically compel him to fix the damage. He'll be keened by himself to be with you, as soon as possible.

Positive Situations

Positive situations are mellifluous for everyone. So, develop positive situations and create an aura of positivity around you if you want to get your boyfriend back on his knees.

95 percent of the time, when a relationship gets wrecked, one person stays in a negative state, and the other stays in a completely positive state. And, most of the times, the negative person chases the positive person.

If you are reading this article then it means you are a person who is in a negative state, and your boyfriend is most probably in the positive state. The positivity, and the positive life, of your boyfriend are compelling you to chase him. You are missing him more than he is missing you.

Your boyfriend has probably lost his interest in you, your boyfriend has probably found another girl, or your boyfriend has probably cheated you emotionally. The reason could be anything. But, this all explains that your boyfriend is in a positive state. He doesn't care how are you feeling, and he doesn't care how much you love him.

He has stopped thinking about you and become careless. He is just focused on new life, new girl, and new success.

Whenever he looks at you, you appear to him standing in a wide spectrum of negativity. He doesn't feel anything for you. In fact, he feels happy that he has been saved from a drastic relationship. He confesses in front of his friends that you were the biggest mistake of his life, and he will never commit this kind of mistake again.

He and his friends use bad words about you and always put you under the light of negativity.

This is harsh, but it's the truth.

And, when some other positive girl enters into his life, he completely forgets you. The other girl exudes her positive charm as much as she can and keeps him under the aura of positivity. He falls in love with her quickly and starts treating her very well.

When he is always under the aura of positivity, then how can you attract him towards you with the aura of your negativity?

Have you ever seen a person who has left his positive life and hugged the negativity?

The answers of these questions will help you to understand that negativity is your biggest enemy. If you'll stay in the constant state of negativity, you'll never attract him. In fact, you'll lose your worth in his eyes and give him a reason to forget you forever.

Now, the question is, how can you exude positivity? And, how can you develop positive situations? Because until now, you must have realized that positivity is immensely important & powerful when it comes to re-attract your boyfriend.

The answer is simple: 'Create a Special World!'

Make a list of your top 15 favorite activities and act on it constantly. Your each and every activity should fire up the positive feelings inside you and make you feel more upbeat & refulgent... This strategy puts you under the light of positivity. You begin to enjoy every second of your life and compel people, and your boyfriend, to notice you again with positive feelings.

"Establish life goals and accomplish them passionately, try cooking new recipes, join a gym, take dance classes, participate in sports, laugh, increase your social circle, wear a wrist watch, sign up for personal development classes, and work in a team."


This is the toughest part, but so important. Once you win this part, you very easily get your boyfriend back. He starts thinking about you and wants by himself to be with you as soon as possible.

After a terrible breakup, most girls immediately cut off all types of communication in anger, or they keep on chasing their boyfriend, try to get him back with tears, and turn themselves into a vulnerable person.

These acts backfire and wreck the relationship more. They water down the feelings of love from the heart of their boyfriend and compel him to withdraw from the relationship... They destroy all the possibilities of getting him back and present themselves as an emotionally weak, and miserable person. They invite terrible pain in every second of their lives and live a life of mediocrity.

So, avoid these types of horrible strategies, and acts, at all cost!

Instead, 'Offer him friendship.'

"Tell him openly that you don't want to end this relationship on a terrible note. So, let's just be friends. You had a great time with him and you value it. You understand that you both are of different natures, and you respect that."

This type of statement will help you to reconnect with him very easily. He'll happily accept your friendship proposal and appreciate your mature thinking.

Now of course you can adjust the above statement according to your situation. But, remember one thing. Your statement should give him positive feelings. Because, your ultimate goal is to make him your friend. You can even give him some compliments for influencing his mind and emotions.

This will give you two major benefits.

First, you'll present yourself as a positive and different girl.

Second, you'll always have full information about his life and other relationships.

These both benefits will help you to take the next steps carefully and give you many opportunities to re-attract him. You'll have all the time to fire up the feelings of love again in his heart, and you can independently play your games according to the situations.

Apart from all this, understand that men are visual creatures. Your physical presence plays a vital role when it comes to influence their feelings and emotions. You can't expect them to miss you, or think about you, when there is no love, and you are invisible too. This type of expectations will only invite frustration into your life...

That's why, if you want to get your boyfriend back, the best and the most important thing you can do is to make him your friend through any possible way. Your physical presence in front of his eyes will automatically gravitate 90 percent of the game in your favor. Because, a man listens, speaks, and feels through his eyes.

So, "Act like a friend, and focus on winning his eyes through your presence and positive activities."

Storm His Feelings

After exuding positivity and reconnecting with him, you are in a very good position now. You can easily storm his feelings and heat up the emotions of love in his heart for you. The game is entirely in your hands. So, play it wisely.

When you storm his feelings, you compel him to think about you all the time. He falls in love with you again and thinks why he lost such a wonderful girl. He feels regret, jealous, and bad. He tries to get you back in his life through every possible way.

Below are few awesome strategies which you can use for bringing storm in his feelings. Apply them, hold your head high, and see the magic... He'll be out of his mind and beg you to get back in his life. He can even propose you for marriage...

(a) Make a best guy friend. Play the game of jealousy. It won't be easy for him to see you with some other guy. And, he won't be sure too about your relationship with your friend. He'll keep on thinking about you and your friend. This situation will make him completely mad. Even if he's currently with some other girl, his mind will be trapped in your thoughts. He'll probably ask you about your friendship. And, if he does this, tell him openly that the other guy is your best friend. You don't need to hide anything... Just spend a happy, positive time with your best friend and make the friendship relationship mysterious for your boyfriend. Like this, you will hit your boyfriend's pride and utterly capture his mind and feelings... After some time, your boyfriend will begin to point out the negative points of your guy friend by being jealous and give you the signs that he's interested in you again. His body language, words, and actions will clearly show that now he wants to get you back in his life again. But, at this point, don't act like you are always available for him. Show him that you are emotionally mature now. Discuss the points of your previous fight and resolve it. After that, if you feel he has truly fallen in love with you again, and you also want to get him back in your life, then get him back. Make him yours forever.

(b) Make Him realize that you are living a better life now than before. Your boyfriend should feel that floodgates of abundance have been opened for you after his exit. And, you are living an extremely happy life. This will make him realize those mistakes which he has committed throughout the relationship and made you shed tears of pain. He'll weep over his mistakes and find ways to water down the conflicts between you and him... This strategy automatically puts you in a dominant position. Moreover, your happy state attracts him. Because, happiness attracts. And, it's a universal truth... So, "Smile often, join some new class, meet new people, laugh, show felicity through dressing, cook for friends, visit art galleries, travel more, and celebrate every moment."

(c) Use crazy ways to create attraction if you want to get your boyfriend back immediately. Switch on his emotional and sexual buttons so that he keeps on revolving around you like a happy planet... Wear bright colored dresses, use slow body language, make a ponytail, and hold yourself as a desirable lady...

These 3 strategies help you to bring a storm into his feelings and keep him connected with you.

So, for getting your boyfriend back, apply all these instructions stepwise... You'll not only get him back fast, but also make him fall in love with you more than you ever imagined.

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