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Get Your Boyfriend Back - Stick to This Plan

By Cory Jean | Submitted On October 17, 2010

The love of your life has dumped you and you're searching for a plan that will help you to get your boyfriend back. You may have been trying everything that you can think of to get him back but nothing seems to work. As a matter of fact, things may have even gone from bad to worse and you are worried that this really might be the end. You worry that another woman might come along and seduce him away from you forever and then you might never have a chance of getting him back.

Advice from friends and family to either set him free or words of consolation that you were too good for him to begin with or that he didn't really treat you the way you deserved to be treated aren't helping. All you want is to get back together with your boyfriend and live your life the way the two of you had always dreamed of. You love him and not too long ago he said that he loved you and now everything is just a mess.

No fear though. Couples do get back together every day and some do so in spite of circumstances even worse than what you and your boyfriend have been through. So, what makes you think that you don't have what it takes to get him back? It truly is absolutely possible for you to get your boyfriend back and I'm going to help you to do exactly that with a basic plan that you can put into action starting today.

Make Him Wonder - If you have spent a lot of time trying to talk with your boyfriend or convince him to come back to you using logic or by promising that things will be different or promises to change you are only making things worse for yourself and your chances of getting him back. If you have been calling him, texting him or trying to talk to him just about every day you are pushing him away. You are showing a lack of respect for his decision as well as making yourself appear weak and needy. After all, who showers attention on someone that has rejected them. If your boyfriend was a friend who had said that she didn't want to be friends with you anymore you would be miffed to say the least and you would say that your friend was crazy and not worthy of being a friend.

To break this pattern and reprogram your boyfriend to have a different view of you in his mind it will be necessary to break off contact with him for a short period of time. A week or so to begin with is usually sufficient to make him start to wonder what's going on with you and to begin to change his thought pattern. Yes, at first he will probably sigh a big sigh of relief that you aren't calling him all the time but usually within a few days he will wonder what is going on. To put it bluntly or for lack of a better term, he will miss the attention. He may even begin to worry that you have changed your mind and are moving on yourself. Try not to freak out and assure him of your love and devotion... just let him wonder. Trust me.

Blow Him Off - If he does try to get back in touch with you completely blow him off. If you see him out in public, turn around and walk the other way. If he calls you, let his call go to voicemail. If he emails you, resist the urge to reply back to him. If you are cornered or if he leaves you a voicemail or sends you an email that is valid and needs your prompt attention wait a few hours before replying back. If he is contacting you just to feel you out or says that he is just checking on you, wait until the end of the day or the next day before replying back to him.

By blowing him off and making yourself appear unavailable to him you will further change his perception of you. He will wonder why you aren't as eager to talk to him as you once were and this will strike fear in his heart. He really will begin to wonder if he has lost you now and his mind will begin to race wondering if you have found someone else and moved on. Resist the temptation to call him right now and assure him of your love for him or your desire to get him back. It only takes one phone call like this to put you back in that needy category and destroy everything that you have tried so hard to gain in your attempt to get your boyfriend back.

Drop the Hammer - When the time does come to see your boyfriend again or talk with him on the phone this will be your chance to really mess with his mind and drop the hammer on him. No, you're not going to blast him or make him cry. But you are going to be firm and strong. Stronger than you have ever been in your life, while at the same time being fun, flirty and friendly. Your ex boyfriend is or was your friend, after all, wasn't he?

Enjoy the conversation. Smile and laugh with him. Share some funny memories and maybe a few thoughts about moments when he really took your breath away. Maybe even thank him for those memories. This will not only pump his ego up a little bit but also cause his own mind to start thinking back to some of the happy and thrilling thoughts that he has of time spent with you.

Keep your first couple of conversations or meetings short and sweet and make sure you are the one to end the conversation or meeting. If you're talking to him on the phone you can say that someone is at the door and you need to go. Someone else is calling you and you have to take the call. You were just heading out and you really need to go. Whatever you have to do to end the conversation on your terms. And refrain from answering too many questions in detail especially if he asks if you have plans for the weekend. Be as vague as possible as you answer that you very well might have something going on and continue to make him work for your attention.

While these may be very helpful tips for a few things that you can do to help to get your boyfriend back, they are a bit generic and may not suit your particular circumstances perfectly. After all, if you work with your boyfriend or if you are forced in some way to see him every day it's going to be a little difficult to avoid all contact with him. But as a general rule these steps are a good framework to begin building a plan that will have you well on your way to getting your boyfriend back. Deviating from this plan and reassuring your boyfriend that you do still love him or that you haven't moved on or that you aren't interested in anyone else other than him will backfire on you and put you back where you were before in your attempts to get your boyfriend back.

Heed this advice and you will be well on your way to getting him back and ending the pain of your breakup once and for all. The changes that you will see in your boyfriend may be quite astounding but avoid the temptation to bring up the subject of getting back together again. Yeah, that's right. Make him beg!

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