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Getting Your Boyfriend Back Out of the Eternal Love Triangle

By Monique Delancy | Submitted On September 01, 2009

Getting your boyfriend back out of the clutches of another woman can mean a double whammy. Firstly, facing a situation where your boyfriend has dumped you is painful and distressing enough. As if this was not all, he has left you for someone else. The whole situation can be extremely demeaning, sad and traumatic. It is no wonder that you are filled with jealousy, anger and frustration. But if you feel true love and would spare no efforts in getting your boyfriend back even when there is another entrant to the relationship, things can be worked out in your favor. In other words, there is still hope. But if you are serious about getting your boyfriend back, the first point you have to remember is never to show anyone how jealous you feel. Here are some ways to tackle the situation:

• Chances are that you might bump into your boyfriend while he is coo-cooing with his new found love. Even if you get introduced to her, be pleasant, though there might be a volcano waiting to erupt in your mind.

• Mention that you are happy that they are happy. Never behave rudely or act indifferent, if you are thinking of getting your boyfriend back.

• Even after you have managed getting your boyfriend back and the topic of this woman comes up in your future conversations, never mention anything rude about her. This is the only way you can act take the whole situation in your stride.

• The whole idea is to keep your boyfriend guessing. Let him know that you really do not care who he is with, so long as he is not with you.

Whatever pain you might be experiencing while trying getting your boyfriend back, it might help you to know about some interesting mind games which men play with their ex girlfriends, especially if the girlfriend still has a place in his heart. First of all, he wants to make you jealous.

 Secondly, when he sees jealousy in your eyes, he feels reassured that you still hold him close to your heart. Asses these mind games with interest, but never show any outward reactions. Let him wonder forever, what makes you so polite and controlled, despite the emotional pain that he has caused you. Does it mean that you have got over him? This is certainly a viable gate that you have opened up in getting your boyfriend back.

So far you are doing a great job; do not spoil it by dating some other guy, simply to make him jealous too. Your goals would be partially fulfilled - you might make your boyfriend jealous but might fail in getting your boyfriend back. Once you are seen with a different man, your boyfriend would start to make some wrong conclusions: she must be over with me; her love for me was never strong enough; she has given up on me so easily and so on. Moreover, while you are getting your boyfriend back, it is not right to play with someone else's emotions. In stead, concentrate on yourself. That is the best you can do under the circumstances.

While you do not have to ignore his attempts to keep in touch, be careful not to appear as if you are over eager about it. Stay cool, try to enjoy your life as much as you can, meet people and remain active. At the end, when you have succeeded in getting your boyfriend back, do make it a point to communicate your pain and trauma caused by his philandering. Be firm and decisive while forgiving him for his fallacy - making sure that such things are not repeated in future.
Are you in a battle to regain a lost love? Do you want to get your boyfriend back?

You are probably asking yourself if it is possible to get your boyfriend back after a fatal fallout? The answer is a resounding YES, if you know how to do it. I am a classic example of successful reuniting with ex lover.

But the chances are that you are doing everything wrong... like I did. In most cases it means the end of the relationship. There are certain critical things you should and shouldn't do if you want to reconcile with your ex boyfriend.
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