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5 Easy Ways to Get Your Girlfriend Back

By Richard Zook | Submitted On January 10, 2010

When you find the relationship with your girlfriend coming to an end, there can be some really rough times for you. Even if you move on, down deep you know that you still love your ex and you decided you want her back.

If this is the spot you have found yourself in, you need to keep reading. I am now going to give you my steps to get your girlfriend back.

1. You need to know what went wrong.

Before anything can be reconciled with your ex girlfriend you need to know what went wrong.

- Is there another man
- Has her feeling changed about you
- Did something in her life change
- Did you do something to push her away

Now is the time to determine if you think you can get your girlfriend back or not. If she is already dating a new man, this will make it even harder to get her back, or do you even want to try.

2. Maybe it is time to change yourself.

Now that you have figured out what went wrong, it is time to make some changes in yourself. When a man goes through a breakup, a lot of times it will have to do with how your girlfriend perceived the romance in the relationship and how it was going. If you want to get your girlfriend back, now is the time to make some changes to yourself.

As your relationship has aged you and your ex have probably got into a routine, and this routine is what ended your relationship. Now is the time to bring back the things that made you fun to be with. Your great personality, the way you flirted with her, all these traits made you more attractive in her eyes.

3. Maybe start casual dating again.

This is not what you are interested in but when she finds out you are dating other women she will be jealous. You know women want back what was theirs in the first place. If you are with another woman right now, this may make you more desirable to her.

4. Make friends with her.

Now that you have made some changes in yourself, and you been on some dates with other women, now is the time to try and become friends with her. Ask her out for coffee or something like that. Become truly interested in what is best for her. When you are in contact with your ex, be normal. At this time do not try to get your girlfriend back, which is what she is expecting you to do. The most important things she needs right now is for you to become her best friend.

5. Use your normal flirtation self.

Now that you are friends and the two of you are hanging out together, have fun. Be the person that she was attracted to in the first place.

When you are with her, you are acting normal and a little flirty, and not mad about the breakup, this will drive her crazy. Once she realizes how much fun she is having being around you and you are not acting like you want her as a girlfriend anymore, she will be the one after you.

Getting your girlfriend back can be a tuff thing to accomplish, but if you follow these 5 easy steps, it will make it easier in getting your girlfriend back.

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