Still In Love With Your Ex Girlfriend? Here Is How To Get Someone Back After A Break Up

By Rob C. | Submitted On November 21, 2010

Are you still in love with your ex girlfriend? And you think she now hates you, and won't get back to you no matter what you try? And you want to learn how to get someone back after a break up? You're at the right place. This article will talk about incredible psychological tricks on how to get an ex back after a breakup. Read on!

When you first broke up with your girlfriend and tried to get her back to you, you probably did one of the following:

Call her and say how much you still love her.
Text message her all the time (called "text message terrorism")
Drunk-call her and be even more outrageous
In general, try to make her love you again by simply begging her to love you again

When your "methods" are these, is there any wonder why you can't get her to fall in love with you again? No. Of course, this is not how to get someone back after a breakup. If you are still in love with your girlfriend, you have to learn some psychology.

People Want What They Can't Get

This is the number one psychological principle you are to follow if you want to get someone back after a break up. What you have been doing (or at least thinking of doing) is only making her more confident about how she can take you for granted. Think about it - isn't this the case for everything? This is the defining characteristic trait of humans - we want things we can't have, so we always strive for more. This is how we got out of the caves and built all those that you are seeing around yourself!

So, when you are still in love with your ex girlfriend you have to reverse this situation and make yourself "hard to get". I know that you are thinking, "well, buddy, that's all fine until you realize the fact that she's actually not trying to 'get' me." I know! But the thing is, she WILL be trying to get you back if she realizes that you are really over her and now, she wouldn't be able to take you back even if she wanted.

How to get someone back after a break up is to just appear to be OK with the break up, not only OK but appear as if you actually agree with the break up. This will really make you "inaccessible" in their eyes and will instantly make you a harder to get, more desirable thing. What to do when you are still in love with your ex girlfriend is as easy as just appearing to agree.

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