How To Get Someone Back If All They Want Is More Space

By John T Adams | Submitted On March 17, 2011

Whenever you have that life changing event where someone leaves a relationship for no apparent reason the ensuing guilt is penetrating to the very core of your soul. You were then given the lame reason that they felt that their world was closing in on them. You are now faced with the dilemma of how to get someone back if all they want is more space.

So what do you do, scoot over in the bed giving them two or three more inches of space. Or here's the solution, I have this lab and she splits my bed into two between mine and myself. Now that is some space and should all the healing necessary for this situation to mend quickly. Realistically, you should be so lucky if this solution would work on someone, but in all likeliness someone has already left, moved on and out.

Faced with the what to do can be daunting to say the least but to keep someone from going too far away and unreachable something has to be enacted quickly. Same daunting task, what? Suppose I just whip out the ole crystal ball to see what the situation calls for, hmmmm.... seems to think that asking the eight is the most immediate and quick solution. I suppose there have been stranger answers, so bear with me whilst I shake the eight ball here a bit and...... "YES" pops up, hooray we have our answer YES! Yes what?

Well we tried the crystal ball and the eight ball and all we ended up with were bizarre cryptic results. Bizarre and cryptic; think a moment along those line and what comes to mind and not quickly, for that has been done and tried. The thought of some humble pie and honesty are coming to mind. With that in mind your approach may be in taking a big bite of humble pie and go see someone mindful that you acknowledge their need for some space, you feel their pain but your pain is being apart from them and to soothe the pain of both and yes, someone has pain also from moving on.

Try to figure it out as to how the two of you can be together, draw a pact of agreement giving someone all of the space necessary, draw blood, plant it on parchment and seal it with a thumb print swearing endearment forever.

Overall it is tough but a little bit of sincerity and a little bit of lovin can go a long way. If you go there be sure you want to and that it is for real, for someone and you too.

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