How To Get Someone Back When They Break Up With You

By Destiny Harte | Submitted On November 26, 2010

Learning how to get someone back when you have gone through a breakup is really not as hard as a lot of people make it out to be. Here are just a few steps you can take now to make things work out for both of you.

The biggest mistake that someone makes when they go through a bad breakup is to call their ex constantly. This only pushes them further and further away from you and can eventually ruin any chance you may have for getting back together.

So do not call them at all, not even if you think that it's something really important that you just have to tell them about. Chances are they won't really care and will just see it as another excuse you are using to try to get their attention.

Seriously if you get nothing else from reading this article at least remember that you cannot call them at all if you want any chance for winning them back. Trust me they will start to wonder soon enough why you are no longer calling them and after a while they will more than likely call you to see what it is that is keeping from calling them.

They will begin to wonder and worry that maybe you are getting over them and moving on with somebody new. Still, when they do begin to call you, you will want to play a little hard to get in the beginning because just running back the second they call will only let them know that they can have you back anytime they want and will likely cause them to break up with you again just because they know they can.

Let your ex wonder what you are doing and give them time to start to think about you and miss you. Go have some fun, trust me they will hear about it and it will drive them crazy to think that you can get over them and just go out without them.

New videos show you how to get back with an ex. You can either choose to take action or just keep doing what you are doing now but you may as well give up if you don't want to take the next step.

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