How to Get Someone to Want You Back - Simple Tips Anyone Can Do!

By Mo Farhat | Submitted On May 13, 2011

If you recently got dumped then this article is for you. Its time you did something to make your ex feel regretful they left you. You should see to it that your ex is made to want you back and we are going to show you how.

Reasons for break ups are different for many, but there are ways to make someone feel for you again. These secrets that are mentioned below will help you to get someone to want you back.

Make a Clean Break

Stop communicating with for a little bit. Don't take any calls or reply to the text messages from your ex for a little while. This will really get them going as well as thinking. This will help the both of you in many ways.
Answer eventually, but not at first...give some room for a little thought. That will get someone to want you back.

Spice Things Up

Go for a spa treatment and get all the negative toxins flushed out of your body. Acupuncture helps too; trust me this step is big. You should get your mind off things for a while and this will surely have you feeling rejuvenated as well.

When meeting up with an ex, you need to look different. Psychologically your ex will immediately be thinking...hmmm something's different. This is exactly what you want. With that being said, get a new outfit or two. Changing your hair style is not a bad idea either.

When you meet don't shy away. Say hello and act as if nothing is bothering you. Be polite but firm. Don't create a scene or throw a tantrum. Curiosity and mystery always work, so make sure you use these tactics that will surely make your ex want you back.

Does Jealousy Work?

Making a person jealous is an ancient art of getting someone to want you back. Flaunt your latest boy or girlfriend (even if the other person is just a friend) in front of your ex. Make your ex feel like you don't want them or even need them.

Be an Alpha

If you want your ex back, acting as an alpha is a good strategy. Be confident and don't chase. Make them realize that you're a changed person now and that you wish to have them back. Smile often. Make eye contact while talking. Work on your positive strengths and leave behind the negative ones. When your ex sees a new you they are sure to want you back.

By following these strategies and other tips on how to get someone to want you back, you will be on your way to getting your loved one back!

Just remember that you are not alone, hundreds if not thousands of couples break up and get back together daily around the world.

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