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 Free Tips on How to Get Your Ex Back - Do These 3 Steps First

By Amy Y | Submitted On November 19, 2008

Are you looking for free tips on how to get your ex back? Does the following sound like you?

The two of you were the best couple ever. Every time you did something together or went out it was a blast. But then that all changed. You might have done something that was really upsetting. You find yourself in a heated argument with all of your things being thrown at you or into the street. And you an earful about never showing up again and how they never want to see you again.

Sounds harsh, doesn't it? But as you probably have realized, even though things don't look good, if the two of you really care for each other, a setback like that can be fixed. Sometimes break ups happen in the heat of emotional anger. When everything cools down, you think back and wish you could take back some words.

1st of 3 free tips on how to get your ex back - be careful about texting and calling too much

It's good that you are looking for the proper way of reacting and responding to a break up. What some, actually a lot, of people don't realize is that certain things they do can actually cement the break up even more. Like sending constant texts saying how sorry you are and wishing you could get back together. The phrase for this is text message terrorism. Aptly named, as that's how the other feels. They feel like they're being terrorized by your texts. That's not what you want, since that will only work to further push them away.

2nd of 3 free tips on how to get your ex back - be calm and cool

Another tip is that whatever you do, you cannot seem needy. When it comes to human psychology, we are all attracted to someone who is confident, who knows what they want, who can be independent. The attraction sets in when a confident independent person decides that they want you to keep them company. It's much nicer to be wanted than to be needed. You have to show that you are cool, calm, and collected about the break up.

3rd of 3 free tips on how to get your ex back - plan it out

Because you are calm about the situation, you are able to give them time and space to collect their thoughts. And this gives you time to plan out how you are going to get them back.

You need a good plan.

Here are some ways to determine if your relationship is worth saving

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