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How to Get Your Girlfriend Back Without Doing Anything Foolish

By Andrew Takuya | Submitted On September 18, 2008

What have you done to win back your girlfriend? Did you do anything foolish to provoke her and make her angrier? There are certain Dos and Dons to get your girlfriend back and of course you must make sure you use only the guaranteed methods to get your girlfriend back without doing anything foolish. Bottom line, you still need to have some plans to make sure that your relationship can last after that.

- Resorting to desperate measures
Sometimes it is really quite hard to accept the fact of break up, some guys will resort to desperate measures to get their girlfriend back. They try all kinds of ways such as hounding the girlfriend non-stop by calling, sending text messages, appearing at her house or workplace. The girlfriend will get to see the desperate side of you when you cry, kneel and beg her. Some guys will even try to threaten the girlfriend to come back by committing suicide. All these are definitely not the right ways to get your girlfriend back.

-Apologize for everything
You just want to keep your girlfriend by your side so you apologize for everything as long as she do not leave you. You did not bother to get the fact right, you simply just want to get it over as long as this can appease her. The problems will just snowball to a big issue one day and that is when she exploded and suggested a break up to you.

- You sent her flowers, cards or gifts
I know you are trying hard to remedy the situation by showering her with gifts or flowers. I am not saying that this is no good to send all these little thoughts to your girlfriend but definitely not doing all these at this moment because she is still feeling emotional.

What you should be doing now is not to contact her for this period of time. She need some time to cool down and think of the relationship. Why not give yourself a chance to reflect on the relationship as well? Think of what really went wrong. Make some plans with your friends or family members. Make plans on what you should do to the relationship. You can go for a holiday if you want to, just give yourself a little break to relax. I am sure you will be happier when you are back. You should approach her in your best form when the right time has come.

Most men do the wrong things after a break up and ended up losing the woman they love the most. Instead of crying over what had happened, why not think of good solutions to win back the love of your life, right?

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