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 Simple Steps On How To Get Your Ex Back - Step 3

By Taz Cahn | Submitted On May 10, 2008

The third and final step on how to get your ex back involves holding back your love for your ex and getting involved in their life as a friend.

As you may recall in step 2 we wrote a note to our ex in which we mentioned that we may become friends. So we want to pursue that route and try to get close to them.

Now it may be possible that the ex is still single, if that's the case then it will make it easier for us to penetrate back in their life. However if they have found another partner then it makes things slightly more difficult because there is another pulling force on the other side trying to seek their attention, but that's fine, its still possible to achieve what we want to achieve.

Now you need to make sure that you are in a 'friendship' mind set, don't even think about the relationship you had, and don't even think about talking about the previous relationship you had, it starts from scratch here as friends.

What you need to do is start visiting different places that you visited during the peak of your relationship, the places you visited when you were a happy couple. What this will do is bring back those fond memories in your ex's mind of when you were together and what good time you had. The places that you visit can be small trips, going to the restaurant, possibly taking a trip abroad, hanging out together, talking on the phone etc.

This step is very effective in terms of helping the ex forgetting the bad bits of your relationship and bringing back lovely memories. If you keep reminding them of this, they will soon realise that all was not bad in the relationship and they will start coming closer to you. They did love you at one point in their lives so its easy to reignite that flame with the right moves. But please don't bring up anything from past as that will wash all the good memories away.

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