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 Simple Steps On How To Get Your Ex Back - Step 2

By Taz Cahn | Submitted On May 10, 2008

So you have broken up with your partner and now you are wanting to know how to get your ex back. As I explained in step 1, you need to make sure that your ex knows that you are OK with the break up and they were going to lose you anyway. Now, you don't have to say you were thinking of the break up if you don't want to, but you do need to make them aware that you have come to terms with the split.

This brings us to the next point. Now you will either be in contact with your ex partner or you are going NC. Now for those people who have chosen NC, I want to ask you a question, how on earth are you going to get your ex back if you don't speak to them? I personally feel that the whole idea of NC is flawed unless you no longer want to know that person for good. If you are wanting to get that person back in your life you have to have some sort of contact with them. I have read many times on forums that NC will make the other person miss you and make them come back to you. It doesn't work, out of sight - out of mind. They will find someone else and move on with their life, and you will be sitting there struggling to get over them.

Now if you have not been in contact then you need to set the stage, even if you are in contact you can take some tips from here on what to do. You need to write a small hand written note to them, telling them you are content with the split up and agree with the decision that has been made. If you had done something wrong, briefly apologise, don't labour the point for now, just a brief apology. Think of something exciting that has happened after the break up and mention it in the note, don't mention what has happened, just tell them you would like to share something with them. Let them know that you want to give them time for themselves for now and finally close by writing something along the lines of maybe at some point in the future we can be friends.

The above is a tactic from a series of tactics I used to win back my ex, to read my story, head over to how to get your ex back

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