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Advice on Getting Your Girlfriend Back

By Clayton R Keiss | Submitted On September 23, 2009

Break ups are hard, break ups are even harder if you have spent a significant amount of time with your ex girlfriend and have of course fallen in love. Finding the perfect partner and your soul mate is tough in itself, so once you have found the girl for you, losing them, can be gut wrenching.

So when it comes to advice on getting your girlfriend back after a break up, what do you do and how can you do it?

Well, firstly it is important to work why you split up in the first place. This is crucial to know, so you can plan how to approach the whole issue of actually getting your girlfriend back. Emotions at this stage on both sides of the coin are all over the place understandably, so choosing the right techniques at the right time can be crucial to whether you succeed or fail.

Allowing space between you and your girlfriend is crucial. Many people take the wrong route here after a quick break up and start to constantly stay in contact with the ex. Whether that is constantly texting or paging or constant phone calls. Although this makes you feel a little better, hearing your girlfriends voice, it is a quick way to send her the opposite way.

You need to be strong, pick yourself up and get on with it while allowing your girlfriend time to come to terms with the break up and losing you. This is crucial and by doing this you allow time to heal and when you do approach again, the mess of the break up has faded somewhat.

While you are giving the space needed, the next bit of advice on getting your girlfriend back is to get out and about. Socialise with friends! If you get asked to a club or to go out with friends, do it! If you get asked on a date, do it! You are not being unfaithful but showing your girlfriend that you are being strong and moving on. This is an attraction to your girlfriend and also shows that by breaking up, she could lose you for good.

You will find out at this stage if you have a good chance of reconciliation and in most cases you will find that if your relationship was a significant one; your girlfriend will come back to you for talks and hopeful reconciliation.

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