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How To Overcome Obstacles
Sep 24, 2009 • By Michael A. Verdicchio • User published content is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

Some people allow obstacles to stop them in their tracks. Some people permit obstacles to defeat them. But there are others who choose to use obstacles as stepping stones.

Life is not fair. Sometimes there are bumps in the road. Sometimes there are obstacles and roadblocks. Life is not without challenges for everyone. But, it is how we respond to the obstacles we face that determines where our lives go.

Perhaps you've heard someone say that obstacles are life's way of challenging you to improve your own life along the journey. But, honestly, hearing something like that, when you are in the midst of a challenge, doesn't help you or encourage you.

Here are three keys to overcoming obstacles. They are certainly not the only keys, but I really believe they are three of the most important keys in overcoming obstacles in your life.

The biggest key in overcoming any obstacle is to first get convinced that there must be a solution. You may not know what that solution is at the moment, but if you will take that course of thinking, in other words, being solution minded, you are on your way to overcoming the obstacle.

There is no greater recipe for discouragement than for a person to get convinced that there is no solution; no way out. Many times we face what appears at first to be insurmountable. If we accept that, instead of believing that there must be a solution, we will not overcome that obstacle.

The second is to refuse to feel sorry for yourself. Responses of self pity, like, "Why me?" and, "Why now?" do nothing to help you to find a solution. Self pity is a dangerous habit to get into. Constantly feeling sorry for yourself has some very negative effects.

John Gardner wrote, "Self-pity is easily the most destructive of the non-pharmaceutical narcotics; it is addictive, gives momentary pleasure and separates the victim from reality."

Ask yourself if you honestly believe that you are the only one who has ever faced an obstacle, or two, or three. It is part of life. And, getting into the habit of overcoming obstacles will not only be very advantageous when facing new obstacles, but it will direct your life away from unnecessary obstacles.

Yes, there are those who quite literally do invite more obstacles into their lives. People who consistently voice, "Why me?" and, "I never get a break" and, "Why does this always happen to me," are actually inviting more obstacles into their lives. We truly do manifest on the outside what is happening on the inside.

If self pity and feeling sorry for yourself has become a habit, then you must make a conscious effort to stop that kind of thinking. Focusing on finding a solution will greatly help you to get rid of self pity.

The third key is simple. If you can't on your own figure out how to overcome the obstacle, then ask for help. Keep in mind that there is a big difference in asking for help and whining, complaining and looking for sympathy. Sympathy is not a solution.

If you are going to ask someone for help, then ask someone you trust and believe in. Ask someone who you know is not going to feel sorry for you, but rather will help you with some sound advice.

Praying is asking; look above to God for help and advice and asking Him to bring to you whatever it is you need to overcome the obstacle that you are facing today.

It sounds simple, and it really is. These three keys can help you to overcome any obstacle. Remember, there must be a solution, don't feel sorry for yourself, and if you need help, then ask for it.

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