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Lottery: Playing the Lotto the Hoodoo Way!
Mojo, hoodoo, charm or plain old luck…. However you name it, you’re sure going to need it at some point. You already know about horseshoes, four-leaf clovers and rabbit’s feet as symbols of luck, but how about a badger’s tooth or nutmeg?  Winning the lottery takes a plan!
Winning the Lottery: It's All Iin the Past
5 Tips On How to Win the Lottery
Before You Win the Lottery -- Things to Do
Playing the Lottery Offline vs. Online: Which is Best?
Lottery Winning Numbers -- How to Pick Winning Lottery Numbers & Win the Smart Way
Does Using Dates for Lottery Numbers Improve Your Chances?
How to Win the Lottery: Learn Effective Techniques
Ten Mistakes Lottery Players Make

Astrology: The Use of Astrology in Hoodoo
Hoodoo does make a limited use of astrology. The most noteworthy is the use of the phases of the Moon for timing.
Basics of Western Astrology Explained
Sideereal and Tropical Astrology: Do They Complement Each Other?
Methods and Techniques of Medical Astrology
Astrology Made Simple: Types of Astrology
The Meaning Behind Astrology Symbols
Hoodoo & Traditional Astrology (offsite link)
Love Astrology - When Will You Find Love? The Most Important Aspects To Look For

Astrological Magic Squares as Charms and Talismans
Moon Phases in Astrology
What Are Daily Astrological Planetary Hours (Horas)?

Hoodoo Bathing: Keep Yourself Spiritually Clean!
Spiritual bathing and cleansing is a very ancient practice and is practiced in some form all over the world. In the American South particularly, it is thought that these baths will put a stop to any adverse condition and welcome in luck, money, love, and even happiness into their lives.

Magic Spells Using Baths
Foot Bath Recipes
Easy Detox Bath Recipes
Do It Yourself Homemade Milk Bath Recipes
Aromatherapy Bath Oil - 4 Enjoyable Aromatherapy Bath Oil Recipes That Will Melt Away Your Strain
Herbal Foot Recipes
How to Prepare an Herbal Bath for Therapeutic or Beauty Purposes
Herbal Teas for Your Bath
Spiritual Baths
Bitter Herb Bath Recipe and Sweet Bath Recipes
Milk Bath Recipes
General Tips on Taking a Spiritual Bath

http://icons.iconarchive.com/icons/andrea-aste/tarot/256/Tarot-set-icon.png**** TAROT READINGS AVAILABLE ****
Online psychic readings are a quick way to consult your psychic about anything that you might have questions about.  Getting online Tarot readings is simple and easy. A tarot reading will help you get more focus on your life. Your life is not predetermined, what you will learn through a reading will help you control your actions and steer your life. A Psychic Reading by e-mail allows psychics to take more time to perform a reading and could possibly give chance that the psychics may discover more detail by e-mail. Click here for more information about getting an online tarot reading.
Spells:Black Woman Hoodoo Practitioner Root Woman
Love Spells Can Reunite Lost Love
How to Cast a Protection and Money Spell
Why Some Spells Work and Some Do Not
Hoodoo Money Candle Spell
Can Spells Backfire?
This Witchcraft Beginner Friendly Spell Brings Happiness to Your Life
How to Know if  a Reconciliation Spell is Right for You
Casting Hexes, Curses, Black Magic and Voodoo
Getting Back Together: Making Your Relationship Work Using Witchcraft Spells
The Power of Curses and Curse Spells. How to Curse in a Bible Way. Are all Curses Witchcraft?
Know More About Spells and Hexes
How to Break any Witchcraft Spell -- How to Reverse a Hex
Two Beginner Witchcraft Spells for Money and Protection
Why Do Some Spells Seem to Work and Some Don't?

Tarot: Helps Discover What You Need, Want, Desire
Ways to Get a Free Automated Tarot Reading
Free Tarot Online Gives Everyone an Opportunity to Try This Popular Divination Method
Love Tarot Readings: What You Can Expect From Your Reading
Fortune Teller Card Reading
How Does Tarot Reading Work?
Online Tarot Card Readings

Witchcraft: How to Use It, How to Remove It
Which Free Witchcraft Spells to Choose and How to Make Them Work
Witchcraft Spells: How to Incorporate Magic into Your Life for Health, Wealth, and Happiness
How Does One Find the Best Witchcraft Ritual?
Protect Yourself with Witchcraft's Special Beneficial Recipe

Career and Job
How to Choose Between Two Jobs

101 Tips for the Avid Gambler
Gambling Tips
How About a Game of Dice?

Sugar Daddies/Sugar Mamas/Sugar Babies
How to be a Successful Sugar Baby
How to Find a Sugar Daddy
How to Find a Rich Husband
How to Get and Keep a Sugar Daddy
Top Ten Tips for Online Sugar Daddy Dating
What Exactly is a Sugar Daddy?
Why Sugar Daddy Dating is More Fun
Who is Your Sugar Daddy?
Do You Want to Meet Rich Sugar Daddies? Some Tips For Success

Black Woman Hoodoo Practitioner Root WomanHerbs:  An Important Part of Rootwork
The Herbal Primer: Uses for Medicinal Herbs
Herbs That Calm You
Plants, Herbs, Roots for Love

Soulmates: The Hoodoo Way of Knowing You Have Found the Right One!
5 Ways to Determine If You've Found Your Soulmate
Are You My Soulmate?
Attract Your Soulmate - Ten Top Ways
"Where Do I Find My Soulmate?" - Starting From Within
5 Reasons Why You Can't Find Your Soulmate
5 Steps to Finding Your Soulmate Now
Find Your Soulmate - 5 Questions You Must Ask Yourself
Find My Soulmate: How to End Up With Your Life Partner
Prescription For Lasting Love - 19 Steps to Finding Your Soulmate and Achieving Relationship Success
How Do You Know You Have Found a Soulmate?
Why Haven't I Met My SoulMate Yet?

Reconciliation Work (How to Get Your Ex Back)
How to Get Your Girlfriend Back - Get My Ex Girl Back by Avoiding These Mistakes
Advice on Getting Your Girlfriend Back
How to Get Your Girlfriend Back Without Doing Anything Foolish
How to Get Your Girlfriend Back Before She Moves on in 4 Simple Ways
5 Easy Ways to Get Your Girlfriend Back
Getting Your Boyfriend Back Out of the Eternal Love Triangle
Get Your Boyfriend Back - Stick to This Plan
My Boyfriend Dumped Me - Controversial Tactics to Get Your Boyfriend Back After He Dumps You
Get Your Boyfriend Back Now! (3 Easy to Follow Instructions)
Ways to Get Your Boyfriend Back If He Wants a Break
Getting Your Boyfriend Back If He Left You For Another Woman
How to Get Your Boyfriend Back Where He Belongs - Three Key Points
How to Get Your Boyfriend Back - The Three Things You Absolutely Must Have
How to Get Your Boyfriend Back in Three Simple Steps
Win Your Ex Boyfriend Back - 5 Simple and Stunning Steps to Getting Your Boyfriend Back Forever!

Simple Steps On How To Get Your Ex Back - Step 1
Simple Steps On How To Get Your Ex Back - Step 2
Simple Steps On How To Get Your Ex Back - Step 3
4 Super Simple Tips on How to Get Your Ex Back
How to Get Your Ex Back - A Guide to Loving Unconditionally

Want to Know How to Get Your Ex Back?
Free Tips on How to Get Your Ex Back - Do These 3 Steps First
The Magic of Making Up - Learn How to Get Your Ex Back
How to Get Your Ex Back Quickly
How to Get Your Ex Back - What Should You Do?

How to Get Somone to You Want Back: Simple Tips Anyone Can Do
How to Get Someone Back When They Break Up with You
Tips on How to Get Someone Back - Getting Back with Your Ex
How to Get Somone Back if All They Want is Space
Still in Love with Your Ex Girlfriend? Here is How to Get Someone Back After a Break Up
Obstacles and Goal Setting: Ways to Open Your Roads!
9 obstacles that keep you from achieving your Goals
Overcoming Obstacles to Achieving Your Goals
Self Empowering Steps To Overcome Obstacles
How To Achieve Goals And Overcome Obstacles
The Obstacles to Wealth Creation
Challenges and obstacles are all a necessary part of any success journey
Conquer The Obstacles to Achieving Your Goals In Life
How To Overcome Obstacles

Dealing with Your Enemies
Define Your Enemies
On Enemies
The Enemies of God - 4 Ways to Identify Them
Subduing the Enemies
We Should Not Get Discouraged if We Have Enemies
Our Enemies Will Stumble and Fall
Dealing with Enemies
Working with Your Enemies
Recognize Your Enemy

Why Won't My Boyfriend Call Me Back? Why Is He Ignoring Me?
Why He Won't Call You Back -- Understanding the Calling Rules in Relationships
Why Won't He Call? Stop Making Excuses For Him and Accept the Real Reasons He's Not Calling You
Why Didn't He Call You Back - Understanding Men and How They View Phone Calls
The Reason Why He Didn't Call You Back
3 Reasons Why Guys Don't Call Back
Why Is He Not Calling Me Back? 2 Main Reasons Why A Guy Never Calls You Back EVEN If He Says He Will
Frustrated With Dating - Why Men Don't Call You Back
Why Doesn't He Call?
Why Don't Men Call? All the Things Keeping Him From Picking Up the Phone and Dialing Your Number
Why Won't My Ex Call Me Back? How to Get Your Ex to Talk to You Again
Ex Boyfriend Won't Call You Back or Answer Your Phone Calls? Here's Why And How to Fix It
Make Your Ex Return Your Call - What to Do and What Not to Do