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Working With Your Enemies

By Len Williamson | Submitted On June 02, 2010

Enemies are people you do not like or who you believe will get in the way of what you want to do. You are uncomfortable in their presence and would rather they could be removed from your world. The problem with them is that eradicating them is usually unlawful or not possible. A better strategy is to work out how you can work with them in ways that help your agenda. Sun Tzu in the 6th century BC in 'The Art of War' gave the important advice to keep your enemies close. This advice remains as valid in business today as it has done throughout history in wars.

A first step is to develop a clear understanding of what it is about your enemy that elicits the feelings and emotions you have about him/her. It is worth writing down five sentences describing clearly, objectively and factually what it is about your enemy that puts him in that category. I am going to suggest that if you then analyse these statements in a certain way you will find that some of the information here is about you. It is about things you want to avoid or are not willing to do and usually will not want to admit to. This is good news. If you can confront these issues in yourself all of a sudden your enemy becomes so much easier to work with. The obstacles suddenly drift away. It is also good news in that something that is taking place in you is under your control and it is much easier to change yourself than to change others. Still tough, I admit, but with the right approach it is easier.

Take your five statements and look at them as something relating to you. What are they telling you about what you want to avoid doing and what you do not want to admit to? This is powerful as you can now look at what you want to avoid and ask yourself what it would take for you to address that issue. It will be tough as there is a powerful resistance in play and it is easier for you to have an enemy to blame than to confront the issue within yourself. When I say easier I mean this is the way you are designed. It is actually much more powerful for you if you can notice this and find a way of addressing the issue.

If you can do this with all five statements you will find that all of a sudden your enemy is no threat at all. Even if only one item is you your relationship with your enemy improves substantially. If you look hard you will find that at least half are actually issues taking place within you.

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