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Subduing The Enemies

By Sunday Joseph Adenuga | Submitted On August 19, 2014

Enemies of progress are everywhere, see 1Corinthians 16:9. Some become your enemy intentionally while others become so through circumstances. The issue of enemies go beyond the physical, it has its root in the spiritual, so you have to understand that even when a human enemy is involved, there is a root cause traceable to the devil.

Many of our enemies are unseen but their activities can be seen and felt. For example, sickness is your enemy because it came to you to abuse you, to deface you, and to eventually kill you. This enemy is so strong that even though you cannot see it, you can feel its effect on you and every one who sees you will acknowledge its presence and effect in your life. I like you to explore the power inside you and the possibilities of overcoming and ruling over all your enemies of progress most of which are non-human.

You have the power not only to subdue your enemies but to also rule and reign over every one of them Luke 10: 19. You do have the power to overcome and defeat everyone and everything that stands in your way to success. Everything that constitute itself as a problem or enemy of progress can be completely subdued and defeated by you

We are commanded to pray without ceasing because there is a devil who operates to fight us, and to limit us. The enemy never get tired to do us evil, he fights on whether we are ready or not, he is always happy and eager to destroy when you are ignorant.

Someone asked me, why should I continue to pray when GOD heard me the first time I prayed? When the situation remains the same you must keep praying. Luke 18:1-8 there are some demonic spells that one hour of prayer can destroy, others take more time. We are told to continue to pray until our joy is full. If you pray and nothing happen, keep on praying, you will get there.

When GOD called Moses to go to Pharaoh, king of Egypt to deliver the people of Israel, most of them were very happy that day. But when Moses confronted the king and demanded the release of the people of GOD, pharaoh increased their burden, he made them suffer the more, he caused them to serve with heavy burden. See Exodus 5:7-23.
In fact, it got bad to the extent that the people withstood Moses and expressed their bitterness for causing them more sorrow and anguish, Exodus 5:21. Are you recently experiencing an increased difficulty or problem? It is because GOD is getting ready to set you free, GOD is getting ready to bless you.

You need to burst out with a shout of hallelujah, when Nebuchadnezzar increased the heat of the fiery furnace, JESUS appeared to deliver the three Hebrew men. It is time to shout hallelujah in spite of the difficulties, the solution is nearer, be blessed and remain blessed.

Sunday Joseph Adenuga is a pastor who believes in empowering people to become the best they were created to be, his messages of God's anointed word has brought hope to many hopeless people around the world. He is the founding pastor of Success Dimension Church, Ibadan, Nigeria.

You can be further helped and blessed through him by visiting http://successgalore.blogspot.com and get linked to most of his works on the net.

Listen to some of his video messages at http://a-zofaffiliatemarketing.com and be blessed of the Lord

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