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The Enemies of God - 4 Ways To Identify Them

By Vitus Ejiogu | Submitted On January 18, 2011

In the book of Psalms 2:1-5, we see where it is written that God laughs at His enemies and He laughs them to scorn. A careful and thoughtful reader will always ask this question: who are the enemies of God? To answer that question appropriately, here are four different ways to identify them.

1. Those Whose Oppose The Gospel - All those who oppose the gospel and all the lovers of the world are the enemies of God (1 John 3:15; James 4:4). Those who are comfortable with the world system and the way it operates are God's enemies. It gives me a lot of concern when those who are actually God's enemies join others to sing the popular song that says, "Let God arise and His enemies be scattered". It is foolishness for those who are qualified as the enemies of God to be singing that song because God will visit them and have them scattered.

2. Those Who Hate The Truth - All those who hate the truth are God's enemies. Some people will prefer to believe lies to believing the truth. Once you prefer lies to the truth, the Bible says you are an enemy of God.

3. Those Who Are Not Born Again - As far as God is concerned, all unbelievers are controlled by the spirit of the power of the air. N matter how nice they are, no matter how educated, beautiful or handsome they are, as far as they are not born again, they are enemies of God.

4. Those Who Attack God's Children - All those who attack God's children are the enemies of God. Apostle Paul before his conversion was attacking the children of God. But while he was on his way to deal severely with the apostles, there was a blinding flash of light and then the voice sounded, "Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting me...?" Saul was persecuting the body of Christ on earth, and Jesus made him to understand that it was Him, the Lord, that he was persecuting.

All those who are fighting the children of God in one way or the other, constitute themselves as enemies of God. The Bible says the Lord shall laugh them to scorn. The Lord sees them as jokers (Psalm 37:12).

When you look through the Word of God from the beginning to the end, you will discover that all those who wanted to serve God from the bottom of their hearts were always subjects of hatred. But the Lord says that they imagine a vain thing, and they will never succeed.

Vitus Ejiogu is a writer and publisher with the Fire-Brand Int"l Ministries, a media ministry that is based in Nigeria.

He is the editor of FOUNDATION SATELLITE magazine also published by the ministry. He pastors a Church in Bauchi and is married with two children.

You can reach him at: firebrandhq@yahoo.com
or, 234 802 8181 829. Website: http://businessunit.blogspot.com

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