How to Choose Between Two Jobs

By Brad Meyers | Submitted On July 17, 2009

Often when you are looking for a new job, you allocate too little time to formulate strategy and required an inspired choice, based on the premise that the interview is the only really important step in this process.

Today, however, offers of jobs for professionals and managers of the environment are more generous than 5 years now, and those suitable for these positions can be found quite difficult and financial claims have increasingly risen. It is a market in which the candidates have an important word to say, even if you can not control everything. Candidates are often put in the situation of choosing between two positions that seem to be equally promising. Therefore, it is important to know how to choose between two job offers.

Ideally, when you make your choice, you should know very well not only what you want from the new job, but also to have access to a range of vital information about the company and the position offered in the latter.

An informed decision should be based on knowledge of business history of the company, depending on the degree of it to new market trends, financial stability and quality of the management team. It also should take into account details on the position offered, which are not always explicitly presented in the ad or job interview: the working environment and pressures of the degree of autonomy or level of employee involvement to and real opportunities for advancement and professional development.

Further I present 3 such tactics.

A). Know what they say. What they say about a company can be as important as official information.

B). put questions to the interviewer. Every candidate knows that the interview is a unique opportunity to learn about job duties. There are, however, and other tactics to interview the interviewer. If you are not sure of your intuition, then you have to learn more about the performance evaluation of employees so you will make an idea about the future of professional colleagues or managers.

C). Find out if the manager is mentoring. A job whose compensation package and benefits "includes" and a manager-mentor are really valuable. A mentor can support the professional development, helping you to know your strengths and weaknesses.

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