Why Don't Men Call? All the Things Keeping Him From Picking Up the Phone and Dialing Your Number

By Derek Blandford | Submitted On June 28, 2010

Why don't men call? Few things are more frustrating than going on a date with a new man, having a great time, and patiently waiting by your phone for him to call and ask you out again. When you feel butterflies that make you smile every time you think about him, you might experience a strong urge to call him instead. Should you?

First, it's important to understand the reasons why men don't always call when they say they will. If you've given a guy your number or gone on a date with him, there's no guarantee he'll call you, even if he says he will. Possible reasons for this include:

He lost your number or has several different women he's pursuing.
He's extremely busy with other things, so calling you isn't his top priority.
He's not actually as attracted to you as you may have thought he was.
He may really like you, but is worried he might come on too strong or scare you away if he calls too soon.
He's not sure how you feel about him and is scared of being rejected if he calls.
You may have come on too strong and he's not ready to commit to any kind of relationship, so he's backing off.

Remember, a man is more likely to chase you if he feels like he can't quite reel you in. You should always remain a bit of a mystery if you want a man to become deeply attracted to you. Once he feels you're wrapped around his finger, he'll often lose interest.

If he hasn't called for a couple weeks, it's OK to pick up the phone and call him to see what's up. If he was worried you weren't into him, then calling him can put him at ease. However, if you try calling and he doesn't answer and doesn't call you back, then don't keep trying to pursue him. If you do, you will end up coming across as desperate and you'll scare him off.

In most cases, if a man was attracted to you and had a great time with you, then he will call. If you repeatedly bump into him and he keeps telling you he will call but doesn't, then he's probably just trying to avoid you. In this case, it's time to move on. You don't want to be with someone who isn't into you and you don't want to be with someone who doesn't follow through on the things he says he will.

A man who tells you he will call and doesn't is revealing some negative characteristics about himself. This can be an early warning sign that pursuing a relationship with him could end up getting you hurt and heartbroken.

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