Frustrated With Dating - Why Men Don't Call You Back

By Michael-Eric Markland | Submitted On January 12, 2010

We Have The Best Time Together, But Why Doesn't He Call Me After Our Dates?

A frustrated female blogger "TT" posed this question in a chat; "I have been dating this guy for about 10 weeks and everything is going well, we vibe really well and we and have a good time together whenever we go out to the movies, dinner and bowling. At the Boy's To Men concert we really had a blast, but the next day he didn't call, and the day after that, I wanted to call him but I just knew he was going to call so I didn't, as a matter of fact it was 3 days later before I heard from him. He called as if nothing had happened and never made mention of the fact that he had been MIA for 3 whole days. By then I was confused and a little angry, I know I probably had no right to be angry, I tried to act normal and I probably pulled it off, but I really want to know what that is about? and how I should deal with it? I am not built like that, I need to hear from my man on a regular basis, I like this guy but I am utterly confused. Why do guys do that?"

Well first mistake; 10 weeks into the hook-up and "TT" is displaying her subliminal programming thinking: she is referring to him as "my man". She is feeling insecure and needs to be reassured by her new dating partner; nothing wrong there, but does a handful of dates make a "date" your man? and what about the language--MIA?doesn't it sound more like AWOL? Does that sound 'clingy' to you?

This is that stage of the relationship where men become extremely careful about their language and their behavior; it is critical that you listen carefully and make mental notes: pay extreme attention to their actions.

There are 3 KINDS OF MEN

He wants to hit it as soon as possible so he pulls out all the stops. He will say and do anything you need him to say or do. He is agreeable to any and all of your terms, except any that will stop him from accomplishing his objective. His only intention is to fulfill his agenda in any way possible. This one is easy to see through, his story is usually all fabricated and tailor-made to match his opinion of you. if you are needy he will be extremely attentive and patient, any information he can glean from your words or actions will become a part of his strategy to accomplish his short-term goal. Be patient with all men and mostly with yourself, their true character will eventually play out for you to see.

He is looking to get involved in a short-term, stop-gap relationship with you; something that he can wiggle out of as soon as he is tired it or you; his language is usually much more diplomatic and slippery. He might seem to be the most honest of the 3 because he is willing to disclose that he is dating other people and he wants to be "open and honest": this one is planning to use you and discard you when he becomes tired or distracted by something new, more lucrative or interesting. Be careful, sometimes this guy will seem like he has long-term intentions but he is not planning to stick around for longer than it takes for you to start asking for some kind of commitment. His language is usually loaded with "escape clauses"; clauses filled with ways to get out of the relationship backdoor or front door, and if you allow him to get past you with this verbiage he will surely utilize all of his escape clauses to exit. " I don't want to get into anything serious right now", "I am just getting out of a bad relationship and I want to take my time", "Let's keep dating other people until we are sure of where we want to take this relationship" "I work a lot and my job sometimes take me out-of-town: that was a big problem in my last relationship. We had space issues. I hope we won't have that problem because I really like you a lot".

When a man is genuinely interested in a woman as a long term prospect he is erratic and usually overcome with anxiety about her whereabouts when he can't be with her, there is no possibility of him encouraging her to date another man while he sits home. On the other hand if he just wants to get some play time without getting stuck with the tab or reputation of being her man then surely he can stomach her being some other man's responsibility. Pay attention, Seems like Mr. Fun is playing "TT" wide; in other words he is making sure that she doesn't do exactly what she is doing now: which is trying to play him too close. By not calling her too often he frustrates her early on in the relationship and gets her properly trained in keeping her distance and not becoming too dependent on his presence. My guess is he's giving her a deliberate taste of what's to come, while smiling and playing Mr. Fun-guy. He may truly like her company but he intends for her to play a limited role in his plans. She is being groomed to play her role.

Not much is there to be said about the man who is "stricken" by a woman who he believes she could be "the One": he is a walking bag of nerves. She can wrap him around pinky or thumb or wear him like a glove. His language is similar to the "One Night bandit" but the difference is he is willing to prove his "Metal" and he will allow you to put him through the necessary steps to qualify him and validate his words as his true intentions. He is open to scrutiny and full disclosure. He will be anxious for you to meet the important significant people in his life: his parents, his kids, his true friends. He is gold, but gold is made pure by purging it with fire.

Don't be afraid ask the tough questions and demand validation. Resist the urges and bad habits that didn't work in your last relationships, if not, you will repeat the same stages in your life until you learn the lessons that your experiences are meant to teach you.

Resist being clingy.
Stay within your comfort zone, ask tough necessary questions early in the dating stages.
Never make yourself an easy target.
Don't play hard to get, BE hard to get.
Declare an alternate agenda other than your need for a man: something that demonstrates you are on an existing path to elevate the quality of your life.
Reference topics that sell you as the "long-term" girl; education, home, family, travel, spirituality.
Be about what you want in your life.
Attract him by being worthy.

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