Why Is He Not Calling Me Back? 2 Main Reasons Why A Guy Never Calls You Back EVEN If He Says He Will

By Justin Pawlust | Submitted On September 06, 2010

You give him your phone number, and he tells you that he is going to call you later, but never does. Or perhaps he is a friend of yours, and he was supposed to call you, but never did. Why do guys say they are going to call, but never do? What makes them NOT want to talk to you?

You see, if a guy is not calling you back, even if he said he was going to, there are 3 main reasons; and chances are you have probably done one or all three of these....

He Won't Call You Back If You Are... Calling Him For The FIRST Time, Even Though He Said He'd Be The One To Call YOU

This applies if you already have his number, and just can't wait till later to speak to him. He might have even been a little late (or may have forgotten) in calling you, so you decide to ring him up.

After all, you thought he was pretty AMAZING, and you don't want to miss out on this great opportunity to get to know him (and you don't want him to forget you). HOWEVER, it's a HUGE mistake to call the guy first.

It actually creeps a guy out if you call him too soon. What happens is he will get the impression that you are DESPERATE to speak to him, and that you might be a problematic type of girl.

What I mean here, is most guys, will feel like you are throwing yourself at them, or are already trying to "make something happen"...and then will feel trapped. He will feel as if you are already putting pressure on him to be around you or do things as you want, and in the end he will likely not want to speak to you again.

He Won't Call You Back If You Are... Always On His Case About Calling Him

Men don't like to be told what to do, because they like to feel in control of their OWN lives. If this is a friend of yours, or a guy whom you would like to date; then you need to stop "suggesting" to him what he can and can't do.

It makes him feel as if you are putting pressure on him to please you, and gives him the wrong impression.

For instance, he said he would call you later today...but he didn't. So you start to form assumptions, such as assuming he might be ignoring you, or have forgotten. Or thinking he doesn't care about you, and maybe figuring out that he may simply be busy.

But either way, you then have these preconceived notions, and when you do get a hold of him again, you put that attitude forward on him that you have expectations from him and want him to basically do as you say.

You will argue with him and demand an explanation, and in the end he will simply feel trapped and feel as if you are too controlling or clingy.

Now the more you do this (argue with him and try to tell him to call you or do certain things), the more he will literally NOT do that thing. He will probably even turn his cell phone off or will ignore ALL calls just so that he can get some peace of mind.

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