3 Reasons Why Guys Don't Call Back

By Dewayne Rogers | Submitted On February 29, 2008

Why won't you call me back? From a guy's perspective, we probably hear that question more often than Bobby Brown gets read his rights. And while Bobby's behavior and criminal record probably have no rhyme or reason, the psychology behind a guy not calling you back most certainly does. Don't believe me? Well check out my Top Three Reasons Why Guys Don't Call Back.

1. You aren't who I thought you were.

After passing the initial two minute interview and getting your number, our expectations of you are about as high as George Clinton and his entourage before a show...well actually after the show too. But as soon as we get into that first phone call with you, the chemistry that was felt the night before is no longer there. But instead of just being man enough to admit that we're not feeling you anymore, our schedule suddenly becomes so hectic.

Here's one of my favorites that I used before I became saved, sanctified, and filled with the Fly Guy Spirit..."Baby, I want to call you, but I'm so busy. I don't know why my job wants to keep us apart." So sad...

2. You are who I thought you were.

This happens when a man sets out to sleep with a woman when he first meets her...and she lets him. Suddenly calling you back becomes about as attractive as using President Bush as your phone-a-friend option on "Who Wants to be A Millionaire." Now don't get me wrong, as men we do have a tendency to want things to happen quickly. But having quick sex with a potential mate is just not one of those things (We may say it is...it's really not.)

Side Note: To the men of America, I sincerely offer the flyest of apologies for sharing some of our most trusted secrets. As a sign of peace, I now offer you this vintage 1985 member's only jacket, worn by Stevie Wonder on the video set of "We Are the World", to show my true sincerity. I can only hope that one day you'll forgive me for breaking "man law."

3. I changed my mind.

Unfortunately this happens to the really good catches. Oftentimes, a man can talk to you and really think that you are someone special. So special in fact, that he can actually picture himself taking you home to meet his mother. Well if a guy isn't ready for that type of a potential commitment, then getting close to you is about as scary as pulling out his wallet for the NYPD. So trust him when he says, "its not you, it's me." He's actually telling the truth.

The Fly Request- Now I know you can't just sit there and not comment on today's topic. I need all of my male readers to share their own personal reasons for not calling a woman back. On the flip side, I'd like to hear reasons why women don't call us men back. How can you comment? By simply visiting my official website, and making your voice heard. This should be more interesting than the time I watched Ruben Studdard floss...utterly amazing.

DeWayne Rogers is the author of The Fly Guy Chronicles; your in-depth guide to love, relationships and everything hazy in between. Love advice may never be the same. http://www.flyguychronicles.com

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