The Reason Why He Didn't Call You Back

By David Wygant | Submitted On April 16, 2012

He hasn't called back.


You've talked to all your friends.

You still get no answers.

Now it's been about three weeks and he still hasn't called.

You're thinking, "What should I do. How come he hasn't called back?"

Here's the deal: he didn't like you in the way you needed to be liked. Sometimes it's tough to hear that, but look at the evidence:

You text him and he doesn't text you back.

You call him and he doesn't call back.

It wasn't anything you said. It wasn't any conversation that went wrong. It just wasn't there for him.

We get so offended in life when someone doesn't respond to us the way we want it to. The reason why we do that is because we just don't meet enough people. We stay in our little bubbles and then get upset when our social lives aren't what we want them to be.

Most women will just go out and meet a few men and that's it. Most women won't go on many dates, so the reason why women get so upset about the man not calling back is because they're not going out and meeting men every single day.

They're not living from a place of abundance, so they stress over the insignificant few.

It's an abundant world. There are men everywhere.

The issue is that we all too often separate our normal lives from our dating lives. So instead of chatting up the cute guy at the grocery store, you ignore him and then wait for Friday night out with the girls.

You only give yourself those few hours to meet someone, and ignore the other 98% of your life!

Women don't realize their feminine power. A woman in touch with her sexuality, who isn't afraid to start conversations and be flirty, will not have to worry about men not calling her back.

If you meet men every single day, you will not be obsessed about that one guy.

You'll just say "he wasn't into me" and move on. Plus, you probably have other prospects on the horizon.

The real reason why he didn't call you back is because he wasn't into you. But that doesn't matter.

Realize that there are men everywhere for the woman who knows how to flirt, knows how to initiate conversation, and knows how to get what and who she wants.

Be that woman.

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