Why Didn't He Call You Back - Understanding Men and How They View Phone Calls

By Gillian Reynolds | Submitted On December 11, 2009

Why didn't he call you back? Almost every woman who has ever dated a man has wondered about the answer to this same question. Men are something of a riddle to us and that's especially true when it comes to the issue of phone calls. Whether you've just gone on one date with a man or you've been involved with your boyfriend for awhile, inevitably at some point, he won't call you back when he says he will. The reasoning behind this is actually much simpler than you realize. Once you understand the reasons men don't call, you can do what is necessary to ensure he does start calling again.

One answer to the question of why men don't call is they simply lost interest. It happens. You might view the relationship very differently than he does and even though you thought he was really into you, he wasn't. Men typically lose interest early in a relationship for one reason only and that's because they woman showed too much interest. The old approach of playing hard to get actually works. If you tell a man you're crazy about him on the second or third date, your appeal instantly decreases. Men want to chase women. That's a huge part of the appeal of dating to them. If the woman proclaims her undying love too early, the chase disappears, and so does he.

Another reason why men will suddenly stop calling is because they are testing the woman they're involved with. Just as we sometimes test a man's interest in us, men are guilty of doing the very same thing. A man can tell a great deal about a woman based solely on her reaction to his not calling. If she becomes temperamental and calls him up demanding to know why he didn't call her back when he said he will, she's labeled as desperate and 100% his. If a man knows you're sitting by the phone waiting for him to call, you're just not that desirable. If he doesn't call and you don't react at all, his interest is suddenly peaked again. Men want to be with women who are confident, self sufficient and a little hard to attain. If you show him that you have other options when he doesn't call, he'll chase you more. You obviously don't want to go out with other men, but if your man isn't calling you, go hang out with friends, or go work out. Turn off your phone and continue to live your life. The moment he realizes you're not holding your breath waiting for him, he'll work harder to impress you.

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