Why Won't He Call? Stop Making Excuses For Him and Accept the Real Reasons He's Not Calling You

By Derek Blandford | Submitted On July 22, 2010

It's a question that deserves an answer when you've been seeing a guy and he suddenly pulls away and stops talking to you. He says he'll call, but he never does and when you call him, he never answers. It can be extremely confusing and frustrating trying to figure out what's going through a guy's head when you thought everything was going so great.

If a man suddenly stops calling you, it's almost never a good sign. When you really like him, you'll find yourself making all kinds of excuses for him. For example:

"Oh, he must just be really busy."
"I bet his phone broke or maybe it got stolen."
"Maybe he lost my number."
"Maybe he had a family emergency."

You can probably come up with a million excuses, but the truth is, if a guy likes you, he'll find a way to call you. It's extremely difficult to tell someone directly that you aren't really into them especially when you know they like you. Therefore, if he isn't that into you, then many times he'll simply try to avoid you until you get the hint and give up.

There are many reasons a man may suddenly stop calling you. Here are just a few:

You're not in a committed relationship with him so you're not the only woman he's seeing. If he meets another woman he's super attracted to, then you may no longer be on the top of his list.
After a couple dates, you may be really falling for him, but it doesn't mean he feels the same way about you.
After spending more time with you, he's realizing you're not the woman he's looking for and he wants to end things before he hurts you even more.
He feels you're coming on too strong and he's pulling away to create space.
Put simply: he's just not that into you.
You're being needy or clingy, and he needs time to himself.
You're spending too much time on the phone talking to him and starting to become a bother, so he's ignoring your calls and not calling you back.

Why Won't He Call - A Final Piece Of Advice

Don't waste your time on a man who doesn't keep his word. If you keep getting the run around and he continues to tell you one thing and then he does another, then it's time to cut your loses and move on. Actions always speak louder than words.

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