Why Won't He Call Back - Understanding the Calling Rules in Relationships

By Gillian Reynolds | Submitted On March 13, 2010

Why won't he call back? Almost every woman has asked that very question at some point during her dating life. Men are something of a mystery to us and that's even more apparent when it comes to phone calls and men. Why is it that a man who promises to call just never does it? The same man generally will act confused when confronted about why he didn't call? Is it just that men don't view phone calls the same way we do or is there something more sinister going on? Once a woman gets a clear understanding of the issue of the calling rules of dating, she can start to change that part of her relationship and get her man calling her as often as she wants him too. Sounds impossible? It's actually a lot simpler than you think.

The simple and very straightforward answer to the question of why won't he call back is he doesn't want to. He sees no reason to. Men aren't like us. They don't view relationships in terms of romance. In the early stages of dating, men aren't looking at how their actions impact you directly. They're a bit more self focused than that. Calling you just isn't all that important to him. He probably doesn't even remember when he was supposed to call. He knows that like most women, you'll call him if you don't hear from him. Unfortunately, he's probably right. Men are accustomed to women acting a certain way. That way is desperate. Let's face it. If we don't hear from a man and too much time passes by, we'll call him. It's what we do.

That's exactly what you need to change if you want to get him to call you more. You need to act a little distant and uninterested. Sure, that's playing a game, but dating is all about creating a certain dynamic and sometimes you have to play a bit to get there. If you two have hit it off and you've made it crystal clear to him that you're his for the taking, he's not going to go that extra mile to impress you anymore. He'll push the phone call to the back of his priority list and it will probably never happen. Now, if you don't call, all of a sudden he'll start to wonder if you've changed your mind about him. He'll no longer see you as his. He'll get to work trying to win your attention again and one of the ways will be through phone calls.

So, if you're wondering why won't he call back look at your own behavior. Stop calling him and he'll start calling you. It's one of those push and pull scenarios of dating.

Confused about when you should be calling your man? Calling too often, at the wrong time or before he's ready to hear from you can turn him off.

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