Herbal Teas For Your Bath - Relax And Enjoy

By William Samson | Submitted On August 13, 2007

Using Herbal Teas for your bath is a marvelous way to pamper yourself, relax and unwind. The good thing is that you can make your own herbal bath by using these herbal teas. It is very simple. All you need to do is just to follow the following easy steps.

The first thing that you need to do is to cut a 10-by-10-inch or larger square of cheesecloth.
Now place 2 to 3 c. dried herbs on the cheesecloth. Tie it with string, but make sure that you keep the bag loose. Also be sure the herbs are not going to escape.
Take an enamel pot and place the bag in it. Fill the pot with water until the bag is submerged.
Bring the water to a boil and then remove the pot from the heat.
After covering the pot tightly with a lid, let it steep for 15 minutes.
Now, fill a bathtub with water of the desired temperature and pour the water-herb mixture into the bath.
Now, the only thing you need to do is just to relax and enjoy.

However, do not forget to discard the bag of herbs after your bath. Again, there are various factors that you must keep in mind while using Herbal Teas for your bath. For example, you must use recommended herbs, such as bay leaves, chamomile flowers, lavender flowers, lemongrass, marjoram leaves, mint leaves, thyme leaves, and rose petals. And, if you want to add to your herbal bath experience, it is a good idea to surround the bathtub with aromatherapy candles.

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