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What is Santeria? by Ruben Ricard

copyright 2008 ruben ricard

In order to understand Santeria I have defined a few of the terms that are extremely important if you wish to learn and or fully comprehend this Afrocuban culture.

By definition Santeria is A combination of religious traditions or beliefs that combines a similar African traditional religion. Santeria originated in the country of Cuba and Brazil. This religion is a combination of the traditional Yoruba faith and the worship of catholic saints.

Yoruba's are members of a West African Community based in the region of southwest Nigeria whoa are active members of the practice of Santeria. The Yoruba people pray and service the Orisha: An Orisha or as others may call it Orisa/Orixa is spiritual being or presence that is interpreted as one of the manifestations of GOD (Olofi) within the Santeria Religion or faith.

In order to determine who will be your crowned Orisha if this is the path that you choose to take, one needs to get their Guerreros or Elekes (collares) there are two sets of warriors (one form the babalaos) and the other from santeros meaning that the elegua that you get from the babalao is exu and the santero is elegua. The marking of the head can be done when you receive your mano de orunla, it is advised that the person who is doing such should already have Godparents. I have heard some people go and receive orunla with out having elekes , which would mean that they don't have any godparent representation, normally this is not very recommended.

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Santeria: The Truth Behind the Religion by Ramon van Meer
copyright 2011 Ramon Van Meer

Known for denoting "worshiping of the saints" Santeria is known to be an age old religion that is filled with symbolism that focuses on knowledge, beauty, and power. Yoruba people are an old name for the Nigerian people who first practiced the Santeria. Today, this religion is considered as one of the most powerful. For those that are engaged in spiritual religion and the art it is most appealing and requires participation.

There are certain initiations that must be undergone when one is involved in Santeria. To become a Santeria one must first qualify the three levels to be initiated as a Sanero or Priest in this religion. This religion, just as the Catholic religion has saints in which one emissary to the ultimate human being which cover all aspects of human behavior and nature. The Babalawo or the High Priest is one that administers the conferences or consultations to the Orishas.

Herbs and flowers are used as the ingredients for magical rituals when practicing Santeria. These are used to gain the power of the orishas or saints to attain ones ambitions and goals. Those that practice Santeria believe that God gifted the orishas with the power to transfer this power to man.

Orishas and assigned behaviors:

Obatala. This is a Santeria orisha similar to a Catholic saint, Out Lady of Mercy. His number is eight and favorite day of work is Thursday and his feast day is represented by the color white and falls on September 24th. He rules all white things as well as the human head and bones and is noted for 24 different attributes with a necklace that is normally made of all white beads.

Elggua: In the Catholic religion, Elggua is St. Anthony of Padua. His numbers are 3 and 21 and colors red and black. His favorite work day is Monday and his feast day is June 13. He is noted as lord of all crossroads. And, the second most powerful among the orishas after Obatala..

Santeria and the Roman Catholic religion have strong similarities in their beliefs, especially when it comes to Saints.

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