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How do you put roots on someone?

doing roots To put a curse on someone. To cause a person supernatural harm or bad luck.
My wife was doing roots on me after she found I had been with that girl.

Putting roots on someone requires obtaining a personal item from the person and working the spell with the specific items needed to achieve the desired result. Herbs, candles and incense are standard items used when putting roots on someone. A spell may be completed in less than an hour or in up to nine days using traditional methods.

"Roots- it was explained to me like this. If a woman likes a man and she is trying to whipped or keep him, she would put roots on him by somehow putting her how can i say (blood from down below) in his food or drink and he would unable to leave her alone. I heard this story told many times in the army about southern woman. Mainly in North Carolina, Lousiania, Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina."

"I want to shed light on this subject for anyone who reads it. Roots is not a myth. Their are women who actually practice this form of witchcraft. I heard about it when I was younger but I never gave the subject a lot of thought. It was not until it happened to me that the reality of this set in. I will keep this short. I served in the Marine Corp and at my last duty station I met a young lady from South Carolina. When I finally realized what she was doing to me I was in shock. It is true about the woman trying to get her fluids in your body and not only blood but urine too. They will put their blood or urine in any food or drink that will camouflage it. I know something was wrong with me because I started to feel sick and I just was not my self. Thank God that I had two Marine buddies, one who was from South Carolina and the other from North Carolina. I told them something was wrong with me but to end this on a short note they figured it out and I was able to get away from her. Men be careful."

How to Put Roots on Someone

  • Obtain a personal item

    Hair, fingernail clippings or a worn, unwashed article of clothing are often used to put roots on someone. Depending on the intention, specific items, such as an unwashed sock worn by the person, may be required to complete the spell.

  • Work the spell

    Herbs or other items may be necessary to put roots on someone, depending on the nature of the spell and its intention. For instance, rose petals are often used in love spells, while graveyard dirt or poppy seeds can be used to curse someone. Perform the work during the appropriate moon phase if possible.

  • Dispose of the materials used

    Some spells require practitioners to place the items in the person's home, while others require burying any materials used in working the spell. Dispose of the items used as described in the specific working. Burying the items at a crossroads is generally acceptable method of disposal for most spells.

  • "That's [roots] actually practiced in some voodoo/ Santeria as well as Sicilian folk magick traditions. The thought was that you can bind a man to you (like a love spell) by putting menstrual blood into their food. It's basically Pheromone magick. After being exposed or drinking/ eating the food with the woman's fluids, he would be fond of her natural smell. Not sure if they still practice it though. Anyways, It's not a myth. It was used in many traditions in magick."

    "one girl was telling me she found out she had "roots" worked on her by a healer. She was told it was to cause divorce, destruction in life, and eventually death. I asked how she knew, but the healer didn't give her details, and has since moved. She was given some a drink with herbs crushed in it, she doesn't know what, and some water with sea salt, or some other "special" salt. She said she threw up blood, foam, and this get's weird black hard twisted twine, and even a sharp object which she said could have been a nail. She also found black knotted rope inside her mattres."

    Roots or Voodoo and Witchcraft: Tipping the Scales of Justice