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The Master Oil List - Abra-Melin-Air

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Abra Melin: To make a person obey your wishes, by writing what is wanted on the back of the seal of Aziabelis (6th & 7th books of Moses). If its purpose is for beneficial means, inscribe it with doves blood ink, but if its use is for more sinister deeds or ill, then use dragons blood ink to inscribe on the seal. Anoint the corners of the seal one at a time, chanting each time;

"Do my bidding, I demand,

Follow quickly what I say.

This is my firm command,

Obey at once, or rue the day."

Absent Healing: To heal persons or loved ones who are perhaps far away and absent, Anoint a white, gold or yellow candle (or which ever colour you deem best suited to the task) and burn sandalwood Incense and pray for their good health and/or speedy recovery.

Absinthe: A hexing oil used for cursing your enemies. Do Not use this in your own home, it is not safe to do so. Apply directly to your foes body in secret (If that is possible) then all the harm they have done to others will return back to cause them suffering.

Abtina: Use this oil to help the addicted, drugs, chemicals etc. Anoint a white figure candle and pray. Use this method until they have broken the habit.

Abraxus: Used in chaos rites and rituals, and rituals involving the sphere of time and use of space and time. This god controls this entire sphere and use this oil in rituals dedicated to him as an offering.

Acacia: This is a holy oil as mentioned in the Bible, Exodus ch25, 26,27- god spoke to Moses and asked that the Israelites bring the material for the tabernacle, where offerings of gold, fine linen, onyx, olive oil and the wood of the acacia for the ark of the covenant.
Use this oil for the consecration of the altar, altar cloths, incense burners, candles etc. In fact any altar equipment you use. Also anoint the body just before entering a holy place to pray.
This can be used for the removal of jinxes and hexes, by placing a few drops in the bath water before bathing.

Ac/Dc: A decision making oil. Variations of this include homosexual and heterosexual types, but to put this aside, anyone may use this if they face a choice or decision that one is confused about.
Use this in the bath water or upon the temples and forehead before retiring to rest that night,
When you awake you will find yourself better informed to make the decision through visions and dreams received through the night.

Acheleous: Dedicated to an Ancient Greek river god, who's anger was unmatched by none.
Use this to invoke him for power in any water related rites.

Adam & Eve: A love oil used to bring lovers closer together. Can also be used on the Adam and eve candle. Best employed by using upon the hands just before lovemaking. This oil may be of use in any love spell or ritual and some say that this can facilitate the proposal of marriage to one who wants it.

African ju ju: A powerful hexing oil, use in any jinxing or hexing ritual, use this by anointing a black penis candle. See also ju ju oil. Can be used also as a powerful attracting and protective agent.

African Voodoo: A job oil. Mix this oil with job oil for success at work. Anoint a job candle to find a job. Anoint a black candle to cause an adversary to get the sack.

Against Harm: A protection oil. Anoint a purple candle for protection from harm or use a few drops in bath water.

Against Ligature: This oil is used to protect ones self from spirits of most types. Mix this with frangi pani oil and then add to your bath water. In addition to that, add a few drops to a glass of water and keep it at your bedside. Change it daily for added protection from spirits and nightmares.

Against Black and White Magick: A protection oil. Mix with chocolate oil and add to bath water or alternatively anoint a brown candle and burn for protection.

Agarbatti Chandan: Used to overcome adversity of all types and to break down physical, mental and spiritual barriers.

Air: Air oil may be used in a ritual that has a grounding in any of these spheres, such as travel, freedom, the pursuit of knowledge or intellect/understanding/communicating. Also the contact or channelling of spirits of the air, or just spirits of all types.

To create an air candle, anoint a white or yellow candle.
This oil is especially good for use by any of the astrological air signs (Aquarius/Gemini/Libra)

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